Colitis baby….

Yesterday morning we were woken by Eddie on around 5 episodes greeted with sick on the bedroom floor.

When we got up for work and school etc, he head downstairs and unloaded an ass full of blood 🙁

So, a trip to the vet showed that the poor sod is suffering from colitis 🙁

He has had an injection and has some tablets to take over the next few days.

He is still not really ready for his own food but is more than interested in our dinners (of course)

He is also still a finely tuned liquid manure shooting machine so we are sadly experiencing a couple of those accidents in the house 🙁

Hopefully this sorts itself out super quickly…. 💩

Windy day

Storm Erik has already unleashed a little havoc on us in Flockton – there was a cracking sound and then a whoosh and we found 30ft of tree collapsed in the back garden 🙁

Guess we have some firewood for a while…

The last image is just to get an idea of scale. We have been lucky that this fell this way – it could have heavily damaged the fence….

Ronnie has Apple CarPlay

Ronnie has been into the dealer today for an update of the onboard software to hopefully resolve some of the connectivity gremlins that have plagued the car since delivery…..

At the same time we decided to shoot for the CarPlay upgrade – only had one journey but already much prefer call handling and voice control via Siri 👍

Fingers crossed the gremlins are banished for good…..

Toy donation

We are midway through a pretty intense clear out from the boys rooms – there are loads of toys that have simply not been used in years so we found a car bootful to take to the tip (broken / lost parts etc) and then two bootfuls to go to a charity shop.

The Salvation Army in Batley seemed very pleased to be the recipients of the gear as they stated that they only had girls toys at the moment – we certainly managed to redress the balance.

Elliot and Oliver had a moment when they saw how pleased the small boys and girls were (that we visiting the store) when the items were taken into the shop. Simon asked them to try to remember that moment as it is such moments that makes us all such nice people – ie wanting to help others wherever we can and feel good to be positively helping somebody.

Hopefully we will not be hoarding as much stuff in the future…..