Christmas trees….

We got the tree out of the garage last week and Vicky got it out of the box during the week. Sadly the top section was causing the built in lights to fail ๐Ÿ™ The tree came from Costco 3 years ago so a quick call to Costco and boom, take it back for a full r fund they said 👍

So, we head out this morning with the trailer and three in tow, stopped at the Seed Room in Middlestown for breakfast with Grandma and Grandad and then on to the co of the cost.

The r turn took all of 5 minutes with a full refund placed back onto Vicky’s debit card – the icing on the cake being that they have the new version of the same tree in the Leeds branch so we popped one in the trolley – at a total cost of ยฃ15 – since the new one is that much more expensive than the previous one.

We also bought a real tree while we were there since we bought one last year and it was the best real tree that we have ever had – this one looks just as good although we are leaving it a few days before dressing so that it acclimatises to hate room ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it – a total result all around it seems – take a look at the Disney tree in the snug – in fairness the snug has become the Disney room but is it too hard to capture this in a photo.

< he lounge setup is still work in progress while the tree acclimatises….

Bathroom leak located – itโ€™s not great news…

Daddy finally got the bath panel removed and has located the leak under the bath. It is confirmed as being the waste from the bath, only it has been chewed…. Yes reader, it appears that we have a small mouse based issue in the bathroom. While there appear to be none of the little buggers present tonight, they have most definitely been responsible for chewing on the waste and it now leaks out a lot of water – maybe as much as 20% of all water that drops through it. The very fact that it happened so quickly means of course that the chewing took place recently.

Mouse traps have been ordered – standby for updates…

Holiday at home

Daddy is on holiday this week and Olly was out at Joeโ€™s for the day, so Elliot and daddy had some time in the garden burning the bags of leaves that we have collected as well as collecting up yet more leaves. Elliot rode the mower to collect the freshly dropped leaves from the garden after daddy had raked them out of the shrubs.

Then, after lunch we headed out to get some th8ngs from the DIY store to build up a couple of compost heaps – after over ยฃ100 (โ˜น๏ธ) and a few hours of moving leaves and old grass clippings around, we now have two large compost areas at the end of the garden.

Hopefully, they will begin to produce appropriately and next year will not have the same challenges as this year with regards to overrunning the area with grass clippings. We will need one more compost area so that we can manage all of the requirements -there is certainly one more required to handle what we already have. We will therefore need to burn more leaves etc as well as as the existing bush clippings that were left in that part of the garden from times gone by. So, that is a few more days of burning required 😀


The wood type…. sadly we have endured a small infestation in the lounge beams – once we figured out where the little beetles were coming from, we were able to call a few pest exterminators and ยฃ800+ later we are once again peat free (well in he beams).

It has certainly taught us about storing wood in the lounge in preparation for burning – it is not going to be something that we continue to do indoors and we might just find some weaker solution to spray other wood around the house – although it has been nearly two weeks since the team came in to sort it and there are no more beetles to be found so fingers crossed, we are all set 👍

Lights finally working

So after two weekends of effort, the back garden lights ar finally operational again 👍

We also have a new light with a sensor over the rear driveway to light that up should there be a person / car or other heat source wander up it ๐Ÿ™‚

The three lights in the garden have been a painful situation but we now have operation in place with new waterproof junction boxes to hopefully rid us of the electrical issues that we have endured in the early apart of the year.

We have also burned more leaves etc although daddy is not allowed anywhere near the compost heap or the burning bin with warm / cold / anything ash… This is because last week Simon put the (what he thought was) cold ashes from the burn bin on the compost heap – the following day, when he was in Stockholm, Vicky noticed that there was smoke coming from the compost area – transpires that there was a reasonably significant burn taking place that took 7+ hours of effort to put out and rid us of almost 1/3 of the compost pile (will accept that as a small win out of the ordeal). We are monitoring the tree in the corner and the bushes earthed side as there is a lot of charring sadly…

Elliot’s Birthday Party tomorrow in the woods with laser tag and 17 other boys….

Burn baby, burn….

This week Simon has had to stay at home as he could not travel due to the exit hole issues ๐Ÿ™

A positive to this is that he has managed to keep the garden burn bin going all week long and has therefore got through all four bags of garden waste over the week – on top of this the majority of the wood that was left over from the previous owners shed that fell apart. The last burning took place yesterday afternoon and the bin is STILL very hot – the ash will be applied into the composting area tomorrow assuming that it has suitable cooled by then.

Separated, Simon has applied several nice blisters on his hands this afternoon by using two bags of cold tarmac repair to fill the worst of the holes in the front driveway – fingers crossed that the neighbours realise that the spots really need to be avoided for the next day or so.

Hopefully the patches will dry in well and give us a few years of protection – a new drive would be a costly upgrade.

Pile central

We got back from Devon on Saturday at about 11:15 after a super early start to avoid the Bank Holiday traffic – it worked 👍

We enjoyed a lovel day at Beaulieu even though it took just under 3 hours to make the 72mile journey ๐Ÿ™ a lovely sunny day and Hugo was allowed in all the grounds – just not inside the buildings – no skin off his nose as there was so much to sniff outside….

We finally managed to find a sandy beach that both the boys were happy with and that Hugo was allowed on – it was called the Dawlish Warren beach and it was perfect – we spent all afternoon there on Thursday – the only downside was that we were not permitted to BBQ in any of the area so we had to take all the BBQ stuff back to the cottage and grill there instead. Either way, Thursday was also a tip top day ev n without sunshine. Mummy also showed us of her expertise when it comes to kits flying ๐Ÿ™‚ she was v pleased with herself and flew the little kite for almost an hour !!

Friday was a day at the cottage with a dog walk thrown in – although Elliot and Oliver complained pretty much the whole walk so at 1.5km we abandoned the walk and head back to the cottage.

We enjoyed another lovely meal at the Tuckers Arms before wandering home to pack before the long trip back to Flockton in the morning.

Now, since Sunday, Simon had been experiencing a little pain around his back door so under the assumption that maybe a cheeky little pile was up for showing itself, we went to the local Boots for advice – came out with some cream and a handy tube to insert…. nice

A day passed and things were not getting better to we returned to boots and picked up a pack of suppositories – an even worse “nice” situation – those little suckers were determined to test Simon…. let’s say no more.

By Friday things were not improving enough so the rest day was the plan.

Walking was beginning to get testing and sitting down was almost impossible except strangely enough in the car.

When we got home Simon emptied the car and then promptly cleaned and vacuumed the inside before cutting the front lawn. Not long after the anger of the bottom kicked in and Simon took a long hot bath and then hid out in bed.

On Sunday morning the anger had not subsided and the what was a small lump the size of a small marble had increased in size ever so slightly but more important was now red with anger and for some reason has decided to piss off his right butt cheek as well ๐Ÿ™

A trip to the drop in centre gave penicillin and advice on the continuation of Ibruprofen. Thankfully it was confirmed as being a pile and not something more serious (although at the time Simon was struggling get to walk / sit / stand or anything really. The pile was considered as having been infected and hence why it was red and annoyed.

Anyway, 24 hours later and things are a little better – the penicillin and / or continued use of suppositories has been doing a pretty good job – although at 9pm last night this was definitely not the case.

Here’s hoping for a relatively speedy and painfree recovery – Happy Bank Holiday Monday folks 🔥