Fun in Flockton

So, we ended up taking Eddie back to the vets on Saturday afternoon as he simply was not getting any better following Thursday’s visit. Turns out he has lost 1 kilo over those three days !!

The vet opted to keep him over night and get him setup on a drip to administer antibiotics directly as well as feeling him liquids etc

To top things off, Hugo began to show evidence of the symptoms also overnight so when we got the call to go collect Eddie, we have had Hugo checked over, and so following an injection and a thermometer up the bum (he loved them both equally), we now have two sets of tablets for them both.

Thankfully it is now Monday and they are both much better although there is still a long way to go and a likely large bill waiting for us – going in tomorrow to check that our – Eddie is not presently insured so it is all costs to us.

Toothache central

Ever since Christmas Day evening Simon has been wittering about toothache and pains in the jaw. Vicky just thinks is is the usual pain in the ass but hey ho.

Anyway, 6 days on and the pain continues to drive into Simons head from what appears to be one particular tooth, although the pain only really arises when trying to chew on that particular tooth or drinking hot or cold beverages. At the same time he has congestion in his head from the coughing etc (that is getting boring too) and so the thinking being that the congestion could well be causing a swelling in his head that is conversely causing the referred tooth ache.

So, given it has been nearly a week since it started and watching;g him drink cautiously through a straw on the left hand side of his mouth, Simon headed to the dentist this morning to have it checked. It seems that the X-ray is inconclusive and as far as the filling in that particular tooth goes, it is good and not “leaking”. The options are as follows:

1) sit it out and hope that the congestion buggers off, taking the tooth ache with it

2) tooth extraction

3) root canal work

The dentist (thankfully) was not comfortable with options 2 and 3 as he could see no evidence that these were required but he also seemed disappointed to be able to make an accurate determination of what the issue was. So, the agreement was to leave it a week and see if it persists and in which case we re-review options 2 and 3.

So, on with the painkillers and the pain in the ass…..

To iPhone or not to iPhone….

Elliot’s iPhone 6 is dead in that it no longer works as a phone – the phone part is simply BF’d 🙁

So, for his birthday, we agreed to upgrade his phone so he is now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone 8 in red.

The deal with 3 was really rather good so for £50 down and £42 a month we have all you can eat everything – feels like it makes a mockery of Simon’s SIM only £30 a month….

He is of course busy sorting all the apps that he needs.

Olly is similarly pleased as it has effectively supplied him with an upgrade from the old iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6.

Also, Simon has an appointment for next weekend to have a new battery installed by Apple in his phone so that should give it an extra lease of life until the new phones are available 😉

Silcoates Junior Graduation 2018

Last night we attended Elliot’s graduation from Silcoates Junior school.

Elliot and his class mates were treated to almost two hours of reminiscing over their last 6 years within the school with some lovely montages of photographs intertwined with little stories from Mr Boyer and of course presentation of awards for the children.

Their theme for the evening was the Oscars and so they were each introduced to the hall full of parents as they individually made their entrances. It was simply wonderful to see how mature they have all become and how they are all developing into wonderful people, each with their own fabulous personalities mixed with super senses of humour.

The awards were setup as film related, so either a specific film or an actor portraying a part in a film that sits in harmony with their personality and traits that they have developed individually while at the school. Elliot was introduced as the Tin Man as he has no rust on him but has a huge heart with nothing but kindness and good things to say about everything and everybody.

We are so incredibly proud of the young man he is so quickly becoming and while we are nervous that he is about to be joining the senior school, we are super excited for him as he embarks upon this next stage of his journey.