Stitches are OUT

Which of course is GREAT news BUT….. he still has a bandage on his right paw as it is really not in a good way – we have a further appointment on Tuesday so it is cutting it really fine for the birthday holiday… I.e. we fly on Wednesday morning….

In other news it has actually snowed this morning – probably enough for a snowman in the garden – might try to persuade the boys to nip out later ❄️🌨⛄️

Jingle Balls

On Monday of this week, Hugo had an early appointment at Palmer and Duncan’s for a small de-balling operation – we also elected to have his rear dew claws removed at the same time since he would be anaesthetised, it made sense for the two jobs to be done together. His claws have been I growing on both legs and he hates having the clippers used to cut them back. We thought that would be a quick and relatively easy job…. sadly, we all know what thought did….

Anyway, we are now almost one week later and he has been back for rebandaging of his legs (his plums are healing beautifully and in honesty we think he hasn’t yet noticed the missing spuds due to his leg bandages) twice now. It seems that the cost for a single bandage on a leg is approximately Β£25 and Hugo really doesn’t like it – whatever paste they pop onto the bandage to help with the healing process (we assume) causes the little monkey a reasonable amount of pain for a few minutes. He can remove said bandage in under 3 minutes so we have had to keep an eye on him all week long – the nights are particularly painful as we need to sleep but listen out for that all too obvious licking noise that preempts bandage removal.

He has another appointment on Boxing Day so we are hopeful that this does not incur double charges – prob should have checked that when accepting said booking…

Anyway, Merry Christmas from Los, we hope the fat fella brings all that you wished for and that fun is had by all 🎉💃🕺🍾

Christmas trees….

We got the tree out of the garage last week and Vicky got it out of the box during the week. Sadly the top section was causing the built in lights to fail πŸ™ The tree came from Costco 3 years ago so a quick call to Costco and boom, take it back for a full r fund they said 👍

So, we head out this morning with the trailer and three in tow, stopped at the Seed Room in Middlestown for breakfast with Grandma and Grandad and then on to the co of the cost.

The r turn took all of 5 minutes with a full refund placed back onto Vicky’s debit card – the icing on the cake being that they have the new version of the same tree in the Leeds branch so we popped one in the trolley – at a total cost of Β£15 – since the new one is that much more expensive than the previous one.

We also bought a real tree while we were there since we bought one last year and it was the best real tree that we have ever had – this one looks just as good although we are leaving it a few days before dressing so that it acclimatises to hate room πŸ™‚

So there you have it – a total result all around it seems – take a look at the Disney tree in the snug – in fairness the snug has become the Disney room but is it too hard to capture this in a photo.

< he lounge setup is still work in progress while the tree acclimatises….

Great weekend away

We got back this morning from a lovely weekend at the Sherwood Forest Centerparcs resort. It was an early start as we needed to get the boys to school by 8:30am – we wanted to maximise the weekend by not coming home on Sunday evening as that would mean packing just after lunchtime and hence eating into the weekend significantly.

The boys were at school by 8:10 so allxwas good – suspect that they will be super tired tonight however πŸ™

The fireworks were good although we selected our viewing point badly – thankfully Vicky figured out a way to sort it so we soon moved to get the best possible view.

Earlier in the day the boys undertook the Cave Adventure – a man made caving experience – Olly loved it, Elliot enjoyed it and Simon managed to hold it together …. The saving grace be in the knowledge that worse come to worse, kicking the plastic would likely cause it to give way and hence getting stuck would not be an outcome πŸ™‚

Table tennis was also fun – the boys both had a small paddy at different times so thankfully It was only 30 minutes or so – however overall, it was enjoyable 🏓

We hope to be able to do more such weekends as it really shows that more can be done with weekends and even better when Hugo can be involved 👍

Photos can be found here

Sherwood Forest

We have arrived in Sherwood Forest and got settled in – the lodge is lovely – we weren’t sure what to expect given we got Hugo with us but it is lovely.

We were late setting off as we needed to wait for a chap to show up to check out the shower that has been broken. He diagnosed that the remote unit was faulty and thankfully had a spare in his van so we now have a working setup. We do however need to look to relocate the aerial as the system is only 2.4ghz so it will struggle to communicate through the heated flooring πŸ™

Anyway, the weekend has already begun although we missed the opportunity to get a swim in before dinner tonight πŸ™ will take the puggle for a nice walk around the place instead – the boys will be OK with it as we brought their bikes so they don’t have to walk πŸ™‚