School parents evening(s)

This last two nights has given us the joy of both boys parents evenings – Oliver’s was first and given he still in the Junior school, it was a WAY simpler affair with two appointments – one with his English and Maths tutor and one with his form Tutor.

They were handily right after each other so we were in and out in about 20 minutes.

It seems that he has beautifully turned a corner with his maths which is wonderful news and a great situation as Vicky has been working diligently with him on the subject and all of the pain involved in doing so is clearly working out 👌

Onto Elliot’s last night – an entirely different beast where you show up after 6pm and join queues to see his teachers – ie no appointments, just rock up and go.

We go in line and saw all but his geography and art tutors. Overall, Elliot is also impressing all with similar messages from each tutor – attentive in class, beginning to gain confidence and ask questions but needs to work on his written expressions. We have been working on this with his English with the help of his English tutor and this has paid off recently with his converting D grades for B very recently. As a result we hope that this success will bleed into the other subjects and help cement more success there also.

So we are delighted with the progress of both boys and look forward to more of it as we progress through this year

Well done Elliot and Oliver 💪

Colitis baby….

Yesterday morning we were woken by Eddie on around 5 episodes greeted with sick on the bedroom floor.

When we got up for work and school etc, he head downstairs and unloaded an ass full of blood 🙁

So, a trip to the vet showed that the poor sod is suffering from colitis 🙁

He has had an injection and has some tablets to take over the next few days.

He is still not really ready for his own food but is more than interested in our dinners (of course)

He is also still a finely tuned liquid manure shooting machine so we are sadly experiencing a couple of those accidents in the house 🙁

Hopefully this sorts itself out super quickly…. 💩

Fun in cuckoo land

This last week has not been great fun for Granny Cuckoo.

She received a call from the GP inviting her down to A&E as a blood test result was not showing great results.

36 hours later she was in Huddersfield Infirmary having drains fitted to her pretty badly swollen (2x and 3x) kidneys. They had effectively stopped working so her blood was relatively quickly poisoning her 🙁

This was all a week ago and now she is looking WAY better but still has some distance to cover – I.e more food needs eating and liquids drinking as the shrunk kidneys need kickstarting back into life.

Hopefully she is able to go home later today, although it will be short lived as a return is on the cards for around a month to have the drains removed and the stents (that perhaps caused the whole thing) replaced.

Windy day

Storm Erik has already unleashed a little havoc on us in Flockton – there was a cracking sound and then a whoosh and we found 30ft of tree collapsed in the back garden 🙁

Guess we have some firewood for a while…

The last image is just to get an idea of scale. We have been lucky that this fell this way – it could have heavily damaged the fence….