Skiing done – now onto real work :-)

Daddy has managed to get a few runs on the slopes in without damaging himself thankfully 🙂

He had a ski lesson on Friday morning with 7 of his new colleagues in the beginner section of the Titlis mountain – it was SO much better on the real slopes than in the indoor ski centre in Castleford. In fairness Sepp (the instructor) had the group doing the same things that took almost 2 hours indoors in just 25 minutes 🙂

In the afternoon we had planned on going to a different part of the mountain (under the advice of our instructor) however, one of daddy’s new colleagues (finance guy from the UK called Andy) got chatting to a different instructor who told us that this was a bad idea as there was little snow in the area in question, but all was OK as she was going down a blue run close by and that we could go with her – great stuff. However a short time later it became apparent that she was expecting payment for her advice (in the tune of 180 CHF plus 40CHF per person) so rather rapidly both the yorkshireman and the finance guy backed out and decided to go it alone. Sadly the blue run had a closed section that meant we had to go down a red section which was actually pretty frightening as we were negotiating it all very cautiously while others were shooting past us at great speed 🙁 Andy sadly fell, his ski did not come off and he ended up tearing two ligaments in his left knee = game over for him. He needed stretchering off the slopes with daddy in tow to help ensure that he got everything that he needed (including of course the all important liquid pain killers in the bar afterwards.

The following day we went out with a different ski buddy since he had broken the first one :-(. We went out to the Brunni section that had a nice looking long blue run from reasonably high up the mountain that appears to run through the trees. As we were on our way up there were some skiers heading down an area that appeared off piste with about 1ft to 2 ft of powder – it looked sensational watching these guys whip through it – daddy made the comment that one day he would love to be able to have the skills to ski in such circumstances. 10 minutes later that request became reality as the blue run had simply had NOBODY ski down it so once we got through the trees, we rapidly found that we were into 2ft of powder. It was HARD work and after just two runs through it we were done – legs were absolutely worn out and the bar was calling. Just one fall took place thankfully although it was a corker – head first into a just over 2ft drift – both skis came off and were left buried 1 foot under the surface (took a few minutes to find them) – legs kicking in the air with head under the surface with the biggest belly laugh as daddy went in 🙂

The apres ski was fun although a 1 hour power sleep was required before heading out to an unsanctioned curry house with 10 other folks from around the company – a great night with really nice folks.

What a FANTASTIC introduction to the business – lucky bugger !!

Daddy’s New Job

Daddy starts his new job today with a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport out to Zurich in Switzerland – the company he is joining (aptly named Snow Software) are taking the entire business on a 3 day Ski trip to Engleberg in Switzerland. How lucky is that?

Anyway, this will be a wonderful opportunity for daddy to meet as many of the people that he will be working with as he can in a short space of time so he is going to be super busy for the next few days.

Then on Sunday he flies on to Stockholm (Sweden) to start the job properly. He will be based from our home office but will be spending 50% of his time in Stockholm or 100% for the first 6 weeks or so.

Big changes at home as the family have got used to daddy being around most of the time.

Good luck daddy


Lonnnnnng journey home for daddy

Daddy got on the 7:52 train from London Kings Cross to Wakefield Kirkgate with a scheduled arrival of 9:50PM, but tonight sadly there has been an accident just South of Doncaster where a section of the overhead power cable has come down (onto a rain and apparently peeling a section of its roof off in the process 🙁 ) and rendered all northbound trains defunct.

The train is likely to be more than three hours delayed and the train has run dry….

At least it is a day off tomorrow so Costa can come to the rescue with some drugs to keep daddy awake – also known as two large Americanos please 🙂

3:30am was the final arrival time back at ForkHall – a whole 5 hours late 🙁

Tax return morning…

This morning has seen us complete our 2013-14 TAX returns – a hair pulling experience as each year passes.  Thankfully this is the last year that Simon needed to account for Atimeo given the business was closed off in August, but it still caused an amount of pain this morning.

Anyway, we are now through it for another year and while we have a rebate on the way, it is not as much as we thought – Simon earned 700UKP too much accordingly which has had a knock on effect with some child payments that mean we have to return all of those payments from the year – grr..

Anyway, a cheque is still on the way and more importantly the whole thing is complete and out of the way for another year 😀 YAY!!

Next up, school fees…. gone up by 300UKP per month as Oliver moves up to Year 1 – yippee…

Daddy staying in a caravan in London this week

Daddy is trying out the EasyHotel group this week in the Earls Court area of London.  From the outside the hotel looks like any ordinary London 4 storey house, but once inside, it becomes a rabbit warren of corridors and bright orange room doors.  When he stepped inside his room on the top floor, (very steep steps so he was pleased he only had two small bags with him) the door opened inwards and there was just enough room to step inside.  The door needed closing to be able to get into the bathroom (which is just a small plastic cubicle that has clearly been delivered in once piece and carefully placed into the room.

Basically the entire room is reminiscent of a static caravan bedroom in that it is about the same size, the bed being a 3/4 sized item fitting almost exactly to the width of the room and the bathroom adding to the length.  There are just two coat hooks so daddy was pleased he took a hangar with him 🙂

Ultimately it is a £30 room so can’t complain really – but certainly wouldn’t want to stay there more than a couple of nights 🙂


Daddy missed his train…

Yesterday morning Simon head out for a 07:52 train from Wakefield to London.  He parked the car as usual in Westgate car park and collected his tickets from the machine in the station for next week’s travel.  Then walked over to Kirkgate to get the train.  He arrived some 20 minutes early so walked around the platform to get his step count up 🙂 and when the train arrived 10 minutes early he was somewhat surprised so asked a guard if there really was another train leaving just 10 minutes later.  The guard promptly pointed out that the ticket was for an East Coast Service (which probably meant that the train would be departing from Westgate and not Kirkgate :-(.  The moment sunk in quickly that Simon had made a fairly large mistake and now had just 10 minutes to get back across town to make the train.  So he set of in a kind of jog.  He arrived on the platform at Westgate just as the train guard was smiling at him as the train began to pull out of the station 🙁

HUGE mistake since an alternative ticket would now cost £125 as his existing ticket was no longer valid 🙁

Thankfully a little time with the eastcoast website showed that a train was leaving KIRKGATE in 50 minutes and that it would only be a tax of £54… So another walk to Kirkgate required but at least the cost of this mistake was not going to be HUGE.

A handy reminder for Simon to ensure that he double checks the tickets before setting off so that he ensures he is at the right station at the right time 🙂

All this was caused because he has been booking ticket through until the end of March and latterly he has been booking from Kirkgate because of that cost differential – there are still a few weeks of Westgate in the mix so departure are from Westgate for the next few weeks….