Toy donation

We are midway through a pretty intense clear out from the boys rooms – there are loads of toys that have simply not been used in years so we found a car bootful to take to the tip (broken / lost parts etc) and then two bootfuls to go to a charity shop.

The Salvation Army in Batley seemed very pleased to be the recipients of the gear as they stated that they only had girls toys at the moment – we certainly managed to redress the balance.

Elliot and Oliver had a moment when they saw how pleased the small boys and girls were (that we visiting the store) when the items were taken into the shop. Simon asked them to try to remember that moment as it is such moments that makes us all such nice people – ie wanting to help others wherever we can and feel good to be positively helping somebody.

Hopefully we will not be hoarding as much stuff in the future…..

Big day today – the end of an Ossett era

Today is a big day for us – finally we have exchanged contracts on the sale of 3 Turner Close and we are expecting the cash transferring later today. It is a sad day in some respects as Turner Close is where we began our little family. but then it has been a long time in the actual selling process for one reason or another. Hopefully we will be celebrating later tonight.

The house is now emptied of all of our stuff, has been cleaned and is ready for a new family to make their own memories in the house.


To iPhone or not to iPhone….

Elliot’s iPhone 6 is dead in that it no longer works as a phone – the phone part is simply BF’d 🙁

So, for his birthday, we agreed to upgrade his phone so he is now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone 8 in red.

The deal with 3 was really rather good so for £50 down and £42 a month we have all you can eat everything – feels like it makes a mockery of Simon’s SIM only £30 a month….

He is of course busy sorting all the apps that he needs.

Olly is similarly pleased as it has effectively supplied him with an upgrade from the old iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6.

Also, Simon has an appointment for next weekend to have a new battery installed by Apple in his phone so that should give it an extra lease of life until the new phones are available 😉

Centerparcs weekend…

We just got back from a weekend in Whinfell Forest (Penrith) where we endured cold, rain and difficult children. That’s right we found that we had swapped nice sunshine in Yorkshire for rain and cold in the north lakes – we were VERY lucky that Vicky thought to pop some rain coats in. At the time it didn’t feel to make sense, but my word was it a lucky move…

We sadly endured plenty of attitude from the boys this weekend – at times it felt that we are totally wasting our time and money on these two, who seemingly were annoyed with almost everything that we have done for them…. The electronic systems are clearly a big source of their frustration and it comes out as an addiction that when they are asked to leave them alone, it is as if we have taken away all sources of possible entertainment and that their lives are about to end 🙁

Clearly we have some challenges ahead that we need to work on together as it is only going to get worse if we allow it to continue.

Anyway, separately we decided to not go out on the electric boat on the lake on Sunday morning as 5e rain was quite heavy and the £20 seemed to be not worth all of us getting soaked. Oliver also decided at the last minute that he was not up for the Aerial Adventure which probably was the right decision – even Elliot (despite having done the same course 2-3 years ago) got super scared on the third (of four zipwires) and needed a LOT of coaching to move beyond it. Thankfully he did and overall felt good for completing the course – perhaps we won’t be doing such things for a while – he was most certainly frightened at 40ft up with a 50ft line to cross – it almost required him being wound down from the tree, but thankfully the instructor gave him a gentle push to help him on his way.

School starts next Monday so we need to figure a strategy for handling the damned technology issue – wish us luck 🙂

Photos taken (only a few) can be found here