Big day at school….

Today is Elliot’s first of a series of transition days in the Senior School to prepare him for his move into the big school from this September. Today he is not spending any time in the Junior School and is instead meeting his new form teacher and being introduced to all the goodness that the Senior School brings. It is likely that he will also be meeting some of the new pupils that will be joining the school from September as part of the 2018 Year 7 group – accordingly quite a large number of new intakes are in place this year.

Separately and perhaps more excitingly, Oliver is heading out to Waddow Hall in Lancashire for 2 nights away. He is going to be doing all sorts of cool things with his school friends such as archery, zip wire, orienteering and crate challenge. It will be super quiet in the house as Daddy is heading to London for two days so there will only be Mummy and Elliot in the house with the dogs for two nights…

Mummy’s weekend away and Daddy’s heading to Stockholm

Vicky has enjoyed a weekend away in Whitby with the girls although as with anything like it, it was over far too quickly 🙁

The boys have stayed home all weekend with Olly at Joe’s for his birthday party and Elly helped Simon put the final pieces from the garden party away and cut the grass.

Simon definitely overdid it yesterday so his toes were throbbing a bit last night and then again this morning – fingers crossed that further damage has not been inflicted.

Simon is now heading out to Stockholm as a kind of test for next weekend – next weekend is supposed to be a trip down under to Sydney and Auckland – need to know how easy it is to travel with BF’d toes 🙁

Friday morning is the follow up X-ray on the toes so we will know more then about how well (or not) they are healing.

The weather has been pretty good this weekend considering it began to worsen during the week. Fingers crossed for the travel and better weather….

Great party at the weekend although broken toes were involved….

The sun was shining on Sunday and we all enjoyed a fantastic day out in the garden with family and great friends.


As you can see we had a large (30 ft tall) bouncy slide for the kids for the day. They had a ball with it, including kind of turning it later in the day in to a water slide with the kids going crazy with water bombs.

Once Olly’s friends had head home, the bigger kids had a go – only a couple of slides and disaster…

That’s right, Simon ended up with two broken toes – muppet.

Now he is in for resting it, hoping that it fixes quickly – it is strapped up and we are hoping that it doesn’t need a cast – that will make travelling to Sweden and Australia v tricky.

Fingers crossed it will resolve soon…


Happy Rust Birthday

Today is a BIG day in the Rust family – THREE birthdays for the price of one 🙂

We have Oliver, Esther and Great Grandma’s birthday all to be celebrated today.

So, Happy 9th, 1st and 92nd birthdays 😀

Now, let’s hope that the sun shines outside all day – clearly it will inside regardless of the outdoor weather.

All our love, Simon, Vicky, Elliot, (Oliver), Hugo and Fred xx oo