Granny’s Birthday Lunch

We have just returned from a little surprise from Great Grandma in Newcastle. James arranged for most (sadly Claire and family and Jonathan and family could not make it) of the grand children and great grandchildren to be at the Matfen Hall Hotel in the North East as a surprise for Grandma’s 88th Birthday (is actually next week).

Jenny and Justin collected her in the pretext of taking her out for lunch for her birthday – the rest of us were waiting in the conservatory bar for their arrival 🙂

We enjoyed a lovely meal and the children all played together in the room (James has secured a lovely intimate room for us all – named the Print Room) and when we were finished, the staff allowed us to have a phot taken in the central party of the hotel.

A lovely afternoon with fabulous family.

Fun in Flockton

So, we ended up taking Eddie back to the vets on Saturday afternoon as he simply was not getting any better following Thursday’s visit. Turns out he has lost 1 kilo over those three days !!

The vet opted to keep him over night and get him setup on a drip to administer antibiotics directly as well as feeling him liquids etc

To top things off, Hugo began to show evidence of the symptoms also overnight so when we got the call to go collect Eddie, we have had Hugo checked over, and so following an injection and a thermometer up the bum (he loved them both equally), we now have two sets of tablets for them both.

Thankfully it is now Monday and they are both much better although there is still a long way to go and a likely large bill waiting for us – going in tomorrow to check that our – Eddie is not presently insured so it is all costs to us.