Toilet pans and sinks

have been the main source of irritation in our household this weekend as for some reason neither of them wanted to seal properly 🙁

Poor Uncle Tim has torn his hair out over them both – so our progress while forward moving has not been quite as we might have liked – that said, having no leaks is ever so slightly more important than finishing the job on time 🙂

We now have the tiles that we need to sort the shower area, the shower itself is fully operational and the area has been marked up for tile location. We have even cut out the tile that will house the shower controls in the middle.

We still need to collect some additional tiles for the splash back behind the sink etc and arrange for a plasterer to come and sort our holes etc. We might consider asking the same person to do the actual tiling as time is now well and truly against us all sadly.

We will get there eventually…

Boys away for the weekend

The boys have not long since left with Grandma, Tyler and Alicia for a last minute east coast weekend away. They were super charged up and didn’t give a second thought for leaving the house – they were in the car and seat belted in before daddy could even put his shoes on to begin putting their stuff in the back of the car….

Sadly, we have a whole weekend of DIY in trying to get the en-suite closer to completion so we can’t even maximise the opportunity by going away ourselves 🙁

The en-suite is well underway however and the new parts have all arrived so hopefully we can get all the wet jobs finished on Saturday and perhaps begin the prep work for tiling. However we do still need to wait for a plasterer to come and help us – a job that we have not even found a plasterer yet – hopefully this won’t keep the job waiting too many additional weeks.


En-suite a go-go

This weekend, Uncle Tim has been helping (well doing the driving) daddy remove the old toilet and washbasin etc from the master bedroom en-suite before beginning the build out of the new cabinets and associated goodies to give us a new bathroom.

As we finished up tonight, we have all the old stuff sat in the garage awaiting the mini skip next weekend and the new cabinets are all in place in the en-suite. The new shower control valve is in place and we still need to choose tiles for the shower and also fit the shower pipe and head. We decided to go for a ceiling mounted shower head to maximise the shower function while reducing the need to cut tiles for the shower head etc. hopefully, the new shower pipe will be delivered during the week along with an extra long waste pipe for the toilet pan. 

It is already looking really good but we will need to arrange for a plasterer to come and sort out the holes in the bedroom wall where the British Gas engineer cut to find the leak back in February as well as a few bits within the en-suite itself.

Hopefully next weekend will see the units finished and fully operational together with a fully operational shower and that we have chose some tiles etc.

Then, once a plasterer has been, we can get the tiling done, fix up the skirting boarding, have some flooring laid and re-decorate. So we are probably looking at another month before we are ready to go, but it will be so worth it 🙂

Elliot’s rash

Last Saturday daddy was alerted (by Elliot) to an itchiness that Elliot was suffering from over his upper body. Upon quick inspection he was covered in little welts that looks rather like MASSIVE nettle stings 🙁

We decided a visit to the drop-in centre was a good call given that only 18 months earlier he has experienced a rather frightening reaction to something at school that ensured a swift delivery into the A&E department at Pinderfields.

We were seen rather quickly but by the time we did get in front of the consultant nurse, most of the welts had vanished 🙁 Following the consultation he was given some antihistamines and we were sent on our way. By the time we got back in the car, the welts had returned of course.

Anyway the antihistamines handled his runny nose and itchy eyes (I know these had not been mentioned previously but were deems less important over the welts 🙂 ) but not the welts in the way that had been suggested.

Over the next few days the poor soul has suffered significantly over these appearing and disappearing welts although thankfully now on Thursday, they have all gone and normal service would appear to have been resumed.

Not the best way for Elliot to enjoy his second week of summer holiday although it was not entirely while we were away and he has not been prevented from doing the things that he has wanted to so all has been OK really.


Last full day

We started our last full day in the park at Laser Combat with Henry, Karis, Arthur and Dale. It was in all about 50 minutes in a pre-setup venue in the trees with plenty of cover. We did not expect to have quite as much fun as we did – yet another great memory created at Center Parcs 🙂

It ended up being quite a sweaty game to play so we were all super thankful for the pool after lunch – mummy and daddy’s new swim goggles worked well although poor Elly was under the weather so mummy took him back to the lodge after about an hour or so for Ibruprofen and a good couple of hours  to relax.

We went out for dinner at Hucks bar with the whole group and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation, while the kids played at the indoor play centre and the Apple Mac computer station that was available for the children.

Today sadly is about getting all our gear packed and into Bruce before heading out for breakfast (probably at the Pancake House :-)) and then on for one last swim before heading home (via Kids Place for the boys to spend their holiday greenery)

It has been a really good break and wen though the weather has been a little suboptimal, it has not impacted us at all thankfully.

Archery, Den Building and more swimming

Yesterday was another day of fun starting out with a ride over to the Outdoor Activity Centre for our Robin Hood and Little John Archery lesson.

The boys enjoyed their lesson and Elliot even managed to get an arrow into the gold rings at the centre of the target 🙂

We enjoyed a quick lunch at the Jardin de Sports before heading up to the Nature Centre to crack on with some den building. Elliot was not feeling so well by this point so sat a bit of it out although did get his mojo back for a little of it once the Ibruprofen had kicked in 🙂

Check out our finished den 🙂 We opted to NOT go for the water test to determine if it was water tight as we kind of knew it wouldn’t be and none of us fancied being soaked with lake water…

Of course we nipped to the pool for an hour before tea as the boys just can’t manage a day without swimming access 🙂

Finally back to the lodge for dinner – a BBQ that just didn’t quite happen. By th time we managed to get the disposable grill lit, the food ha already cooked in the lodge oven and this chap didn’t want us outside as he wanted feeding…

All in all a really good day although poor Elly is not 100% 🙁

Today is our last full day and we have laser tag this morning with Olly’s school friends and then probably swimming and dinner with all tonight.

Another big day coming up..