Elliot’s School Report – Summer 2014

Elliot’s report came home at the weekend and rather than just being a single sheet of paper as we have seen previously, it was in a little booklet of A4 paper with lots more written comments.

Elliot has managed to keep his head in the level 2 stage – exceeding expectations for all but mathematics and art where he is meeting expectations (level 3). Β In fairness he has been challenged with the analytical english side of mathematics – something that we are well aware of and that we have been working on over the last couple of months now. Β ICT remains his premier subject in both desire and delivery πŸ™‚ No surprises there we guess…

Overall, we are really pleased for Elliot, he is clearly working hard and is maintaining his above average for his age group levels.

Well done Elliot – Year 3 next and it will all get that little bit harder πŸ™‚


Oliver Rust – “The Ultimate Charming Gentleman” – The Sunny Hill Oscars

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you read it right – Olly was awarded a Sunny Hill Oscar for being the ultimate charming gentleman πŸ™‚


The children had a fantastic time tonight and showed all of the parents some of their wonderous talents that are already appearing along with their characters. From poem reading, to singing, drums and football and lest we forget the tae-kwondo πŸ™‚

We have captured much of it on video so hopefully over the next few days we will get it available and maybe share some pieces on the blog.

Well done Oliver, good job buddy, we are all super proud of what you are doing and how you are doing it !!


Silcoates Juniors Sports Day 2014

This afternoon was the juniors sports day and mummy went to watch Elly and his classmates clash it out πŸ™‚

Elliot got a first, a second and two third place results πŸ™‚

The first was in the bean bag race – one of daddy’s favourites so daddy is made up with Elly’s result πŸ™‚

The sun shone all day long so the sun tans should have been well enforced πŸ™‚

Mummy chose to not run in the mummy’s race today ….. πŸ™

Sunny Hill Sports Day 2014

Monday June 26th, 10am – the Silcoates Sunny Hill Sports day.

Look, Plug showed up πŸ™‚


The weather has been nothing short of glorious, the kids were all on fine form and the competition commenced right from the side lines as the parents built up the tension nicely πŸ™‚

This year Olly fought to the end of each race rather than giving up “because he wasn’t going to win” πŸ™‚ He did not win either of his races this year but the smile on his face said it all – he loved it πŸ™‚

Even daddy got in on the action in the daddies race although surprisingly enough he didn;t win either. Β Poor Olly was dumbfounded as to why daddy was running on the grass with the other daddies πŸ™‚

Next year daddy, concentrate on the whistle and don’t hang around at the back chatting – it will not deliver a win πŸ™‚


Rest in Peace, Mrs Buttoo – live on in our hearts forever

Over 25 years ago we met the Buttoo family over in Halifax, who lived a short distance from our home, ran a family clothing business in the town and a little sweet shop nearby – of course this was how we met – just the right message from a dentist’s son :-s . At the time we had no idea what impact this family would have on our own due to circumstances that we could never have predicted within our own family.

Two short years later we lost our father and it was at this time that the Buttoo’s somehow became more prevalent within our family unit. The boys (Neesh and Dimps) were there for us at a time that we needed (at the time we hadn’t realised how much) and whether this was to take us out bowling in Leeds or just listen to good old Derek and Clive (still have the CD’s to this day) in their VW transporter van on the town moor, the boys were simply there. Β Their kindness and compassion was second to none and as a result we formed fantastic friendships that last to this day despite out living many 1,000’s of miles apart.

I believe that all of us form our personalities and traits from our parents and grand-parents, setting us up for our own lives and this could not be truer in the sense of Manju, Sanjiv, Jagesh or Haneesh. They were taught from the most thoughtful, compassionate and simply incredible set of parents I have certainly had the fortune to meet.

I am under no illusion today that it was Mrs B who (together with Mr B of course) ensured that her boys were there for the Rust’s in their hour(s) of need and helped us through that time without any sense of expecting anything in return for their kindness and help. I am also saddened that I did not fully realise this until much later in life and have not had the opportunity to thank her personally for what her wonderful family did for ours – I do however look forward to meeting up once again in the future to take that opportunity, although I am pretty sure she already knew what a great family she had built πŸ™‚

Rest in Peace Mrs B and thank you for all you have done, you and your family helped guide oursΒ from a time we needed it most of all.

Mr B, Manju, Sanjiv, Jagesh, Haneesh, we are thinking of you at this time and know that your family strength will continue to lead you through this very difficult time.

All our love and best wishes, the Rust’s. Β XX