Central Heating Fail

Over the last few weeks, Simon’s OWL Smart Central Heating thermostat has come under increased pressure as the house has simply not been warm enough and the device seemed (at times) incapable of firing up the boiler.  So, last weekend Simon swapped out the thermostat for the original manual model to see what happened.  Thankfully (for the OWL) the heating also failed to kick in on multiple times with the standard thermostat, so when British Gas came to service the boiler etc on Wednesday, they were rather quickly dispatched onto locating the problem.  It transpires that a valve in the boiler was at fault along with a sensor.  So the boiler believed that it had infact fulfilled the requirement for extra heat to the tank even though this was not the case.  Accordingly this has probably been this way for a LONG time and we will most likely find that the hot water in the taps is now way warmer and that it will last much longer too.  We have definitely complained a LOT over the last couple of years about the fact that you can fill a bath once and then have to wait 20 minutes before could use the shower (while the water heats up again) so *maybe* this will be a challenge of the past 🙂

The OWL is now back online and functional again having been absolved of blame 🙂

We were also advised that the boiler is now well and truly out of service (in the respect of you can no longer buy the boiler and that spare parts are now becoming unavailable) so there is every chance that IF we have problems with it downstream, we might need to replace it 🙁  Also, the boilermate tank in the airing cupboard is a POS and we should be more worried about it than the boiler…. Oh good…


Another weekend passes us by…

It is frightening to think that we are ALREADY in the last week of January – seems like just two minutes since the build up to Christmas 🙁

Guess it means we are also well on our way to better sunlight during the daytime and better overall weather (fingers crossed of course)

So, we enjoyed another weekend of not a lot – we went out only twice – once to celebrate Granddad’s birthday on Saturday night and then again to take the boys to their swimming lesson on Sunday morning.

Typically, Oliver is still playing the card of not really listening at the lesson (and with 8 other swimmers with him, there is plenty to be doing other than concentrating on swimming 🙁 ) although Elliot was in his element yesterday – the teacher (Richard was away) had them doing backstroke – Elliot’s favourite and best stroke, so he was leading the way big time.

There was however too many chemicals in the pool as they BOTH came out with red blotches etc that thankfully disappeared after their shower and an hour or so…

Anyway, another week begins and it all starts again…

Today was little different to yesterday…

While we planned on getting out for a few hours, we really struggled with motivation today :-(Itwas raining first thing and then we just kind of got stuck in :-).

We did manage to get out for an hour or so and walked to the park (the boys took their scooters) for a little play and then to grab some Ice-cream and some goodies for the kids for school next week (grapes etc).

By the time we got home, the boys were ready for the xbox (well after school homework and dinner of course).

All in bed before 7:45 in readiness for school tomorrow :-). Olly is presently messing about so something tells us that he will be less keen to get out of bed in the morning…. 🙁 oh joy of joys

PJ day yesterday

That’s right, we enjoyed a lazy day in yesterday – the only members of the Rust family to venture outside were Pepsi and Max 🙂

Sadly, we also found that the XBOX has been slowly damaging the game disks to the point that the Disney Infinity game disk was beginning to fail to play. Given that this game was only brought to the house by Father Christmas some three weeks ago, then this suggests either major damage delivery OR we have been using the machine too much….

Daddy found that we can “install” the games onto the hard disk of the machine thus reducing the amount of DVD drive usage and hence the spinning of the disk will be less so also the damage inflicted on the disks will be less. Thankfully we found all this out before it was too late for this disk (Olly would have been gutted) so hopefully we have staved off needing to either buy a new XBOX or replace a few disks – we already replaced the Skylanders GIANTS game last year (and didn’t realise that the XBOX DVD drive was at fault).

It doesn’t help that the XBOX is American as the games are significantly mor difficult to come by 🙁

Hopefully the problem has been averted for now.

Today, we are planning on getting out for a walk in the fresh air – Elliot and Oliver are overjoyed by the prospect….

Daddy missed his train…

Yesterday morning Simon head out for a 07:52 train from Wakefield to London.  He parked the car as usual in Westgate car park and collected his tickets from the machine in the station for next week’s travel.  Then walked over to Kirkgate to get the train.  He arrived some 20 minutes early so walked around the platform to get his step count up 🙂 and when the train arrived 10 minutes early he was somewhat surprised so asked a guard if there really was another train leaving just 10 minutes later.  The guard promptly pointed out that the ticket was for an East Coast Service (which probably meant that the train would be departing from Westgate and not Kirkgate :-(.  The moment sunk in quickly that Simon had made a fairly large mistake and now had just 10 minutes to get back across town to make the train.  So he set of in a kind of jog.  He arrived on the platform at Westgate just as the train guard was smiling at him as the train began to pull out of the station 🙁

HUGE mistake since an alternative ticket would now cost £125 as his existing ticket was no longer valid 🙁

Thankfully a little time with the eastcoast website showed that a train was leaving KIRKGATE in 50 minutes and that it would only be a tax of £54… So another walk to Kirkgate required but at least the cost of this mistake was not going to be HUGE.

A handy reminder for Simon to ensure that he double checks the tickets before setting off so that he ensures he is at the right station at the right time 🙂

All this was caused because he has been booking ticket through until the end of March and latterly he has been booking from Kirkgate because of that cost differential – there are still a few weeks of Westgate in the mix so departure are from Westgate for the next few weeks….