P1030395A fantastic day had by all at Diggerland in Castleford today. Β The photo above is the “tame” (as denoted by Alicia) Groundshuttle ride – I think all of us were thrown from our seats not long after the tame comment was made πŸ™‚

The boys are now at the perfect age to be enjoying Diggerland as they are tall enough to ride on everything that is available – AND DRIVE most of it. Β Lissy even managed to get behind the wheel of a 4×4 Mitsubishi SUV πŸ™‚ Β None of the rest of us were allowed as we were either too old or not tall enough πŸ™

The bobcats were daddy’s favourite followed closely by the GroundShuttle above and the dizzy spinner – the latter two for sheer wow factor.

Typically the boys were most attracted to the dodgems that of course were pay per view – thankfully our Β£10 of tokens seemed to go a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG way πŸ™‚

We finished the day up with lunch at TGI Fridays in Xscape and then a little bouncing around on the trampolines for the bigger boys and bouncy castle slide for all the boys πŸ™‚

Thanks Granddad for a FANTASTIC day – we all really enjoyed ourselves πŸ˜€


Bank Holiday Weekend

All the boys went for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Grandma Cuckoo’s so that mummy and daddy could head down to Stamford, Lincolnshire for a night away.

We stayed in a beautiful B&B right in the town centre and spent all afternoon on Saturday in the pub enjoying a few cheeky beers. To really set it off, Simon found that the pub in question actually had San Francisco’s finest Anchor Steam beer on DRAFT !!! WOW. so four beers, two large glasses of wine later and Simon was ready for dinner….

Incredibly he managed a few more glasses of wine AND a couple of Kir Royale to end the evening :-). How he was still stood upright and NOT asleep is beyond any of our comprehension….. πŸ™‚

Incredibly, he did NOT have any form of hang over in the morning either πŸ™‚

Stamford is a beautiful little town steeped in history and great eating and drinking holes. A lot like the centre of York in many ways – no place for cars or gardens πŸ™‚

Before collecting the boys from Grannies we head out for a Sunday lunch with Grandma and Granddad at Heald Hall in Liversedge – a fantastic meal and at a great price – might just go there again but with the boys – see if they can behave πŸ™‚

Disney Planes

Well we had planned on heading to the coast today for a few days but the accommodation didn’t work out so instead the boys suggested a movie theatre trip to see Disney Pixars latest animation – Planes.

We went to the very first showing in 3D at Wakefield’s Cineworld in a bid to Duce the volume of people we would be mixing with Olly. It worked pertly in that there were know more than 30 people in the theatre for the show.

It was a really impressive movie – totally up to the challenge it was set – I.e. had to better all animated pictures from Disney Pixar.

We then went for a swim at Grandma’s before heading home with fish and chips for tea :-).

Elliot has managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of Minecraft online with Tyler tonight and we are presently thinking of the plan for tomorrow – Elliot of course voted to stay home (assuming that he can play on the Xbox) and Olly is in bed so sadly is not presently able to vote.

Bikes at the park or Sundown Adventure Land or Yorkshire Wildlife Park (aka Doncaster zoo)…

Many options and I suspect that we will just figure it out in the morning once we find out how the littlest Rust wakes up…. Yes, after the movie theatre, he has been his usual devilish self today….

Clumber Park Trip

A couple of hours with a picnic and scooters in Clumber Park seemed like such a great idea. It would get us all out of the house and in the open air without finding ourselves to be close to too many others – infection risk for Olly πŸ™

The weather was really nice and warm and all was going well until Olly realised that he was pretty tired. Only he didn’t realise – he just began kicking off and shouting and screaming. The best part of an hour later and we decided enough was enough and head home – not even 5 minutes into the journey and our little mouse was fast asleep πŸ™‚

His attitude has been significantly better since his sleep πŸ™‚

We also had a little outing to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Bretton – this ended in a similar state – Olly had enough then and was tired then also… πŸ™