National Trust – new members

Today we went to Nostell Priory to go on an Easter Egg hunt and ended up joining the National Trust. Funnily enough we had been discussing it on the walk from the car park to the priory, so when it came up as an option to join instead of buying access to the Priory for the day, we decided to go for it. £97 for a family membership for the year and we got free access to the Easter Egg hunt – a mere £3 discount on the day 🙂

We decided that it would help force us to get out and do more family things at the weekends and get some mini breaks in as well. It also made us feel old as joining the National Trust is something that old people do right?

Anyway, we had a spot of lunch there and then went on to do the hunt – it was fun for the kids but a little muddy – glad we took the willies for the boys but would have been smarter to have taken them for mummy and daddy too….

A quick visit to the shop for the usual sort of crap that kids like at these sort of places and then home again for tea that Tim and Heather made for us.

Elliot did incredibly well as he did not complain once while we were out about having to walk etc – surprising considering he really did not want to leave the house (surprise) at all today. Oliver on the other hand who couldn’t wait to get there, whinged rather a lot and ended up sitting on daddy’s shoulders for most of the hunt.

So, we are already planning our next National Trust trip before the Easter holiday is over – probably up to Fountains Abbey or somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales

Silcoates Sunny Hill – Spring Service

P1010469This morning was the Sunny Hill Easter Celebration Service (of Spring Service) up at the Silcoates Chapel.  Oliver is poorly still so is not at school, but was adamant that he wanted to go and sing with his friends.  So, we took him up to chapel to let him join in and then have brought him home straight afterwards.  Hopefully he will be well enough to join them all at school again tomorrow.





Conservatory hot house

Last week we had the conservatory company perform some remedial work that ended up in many of the panels being removed and refitted, the doors realigned and resealing.

Well, it has made a MASSIVE difference to the feeling in the room itself – it is actually quite warm in there now.  There must have been a nasty leak somewhere that was letting a lot of cold external air in, and hence cooling the conservatory down significantly.

It may be too early to make this comment but it generally feels MUCH warmer in that room now than it did 2 week ago.


Mountain Biking at Gisburn – in the snow

We had planned to go mountain biking at Gisburn (Lakes side of Skipton) for about 6 weeks so when the day came round and there was significant snow fallage, we decided to go none-the-less.

James cried off as he couldn’t get his car out down at Rastrick so we set off at 08:45. We arrived at around 10:45 at the tail centre as the ONLY car there and in fairness we had seen some incredible snow drifts. The is no way we would have been there without the skills of big Bruce. He managed the snow and the drifts effortlessly and in comfort for the passengers.

We actually needed to clean the snow and crud off the bikes BEFORE we started riding.

At the top of the hills in the open the wind was exceptionally cold but did not deter us from doing the trail.

Tim told us it was a 12k trail although Simon was spent at what seemed like (retrospectively) about 3/4 of the way around. Turns out it is actually 12 miles so Simon feels a lot better about that.

It was (in Simon’s opinion) the most tiring BUT most exhilarating ride that we have completed yet and while that last 1/4 left poor Lee and Tim waiting for Simon a LOT, it was worth the run out.

Snow riding is a LOT of fun and worthy of anyone with a little confidence to have a go – you will not regret it.

Snow doth fall

We are heading out for a Mountain bike trail at Gisburn tomorrow so are somewhat hoping that the snow stays away, but at the same time am kind of looking forward to cycling in the snow.

Mummy is out tonight at a Spa party so Daddy is having a curry with Uncle Tim and a couple of cheeky beers might just be involved 🙂

There is actually about three inches of snow at home presently and there is more scheduled to arrive overnight….