Silcoates Sunny Hill Say Cheese….

Needed to share this with you all – just got a tweet from Silcoates about the Sunny Hill current topic about The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Apparently the children tasted some goats’ cheese on toast, as part of an activity where they learned how it is made before tasting the final product.  This is the top photograph Sunny Hill posted on their web site regarding the children and their cheese tasting.  Uncle Tim (and Granddad Rust would) will be proud 🙂


Photos of John David Rust

When visiting Grandma Cuckoo’s this weekend, we were presented with a photograph frame containing a photograph of Granddad Rust (Simon’s dad) from when he was about a year old or so. Well, when Simon took the photo fro it’s frame to scan it into the digital world, there was another cheeky shot of several months earlier.

Take a look 🙂

JohnDavidRust_2 1

and the original image…

JohnDavidRust 1

Noooooo – the cold has come back :-(

We had three or four lovely days where the temperature actually almost made it to 10ºC but then on Wednesday the cold came back 🙁

Mummy worked a couple of days last week so daddy day care kicking on Thursday for the day – hence it was haircut day 🙂 OK, so we also took a field trip out to Toys R Us 🙂 We were going to go to Wakefield on the bus as part of the field trip, but sadly we were kept in the barbers for just over an hour and a half as they were MEGA busy 🙁

All back to school tomorrow and we are hopeful that the temperature builds back up again as we were sure that we got a glimpse of Spring earlier in the week…

Elliot and Oliver had a sleep over at Granny Cuckoos last night as mummy and daddy went out for a lovely meal with friends Ed and Sharon. We went to the Blackhouse on East Parade in Leeds – it was a terrific meal with great company – particularly some of Ed’s impersonations 🙂  Part of us wished we had gone for the Wagyu Fillet of beef, as we shared the Chateaubriand (since we not had one for years and it is a bit of a favourite of Simon’s), and felt a little let down with the overall cut of the meat.  There was a live pianist who played some great tracks – in fact Simon thought that it was just a CD that was playing, only to be not right as he enquired as we left… 🙁  Overall, a great night that just demonstrates we should do stuff like that more often where possible – just need to locate a good babysitter for the kids so that we don’t have to rely on Granny Cuckoo all of the time.

The kids have had a great time at Cuckoo’s as she has setup one of the bedrooms as a playroom and we took some of their toys over.  Accordingly, Cuckoo and Nard saw little of the bous since they disappeared into ‘their’ room and played, watched TV etc.

Back to school tomorrow so homework etc is presently being run through and clothes / uniforms located 🙂


Spring is in the air…

Tyler came round to play today (and is hoping for a sleep over – let’s just see how their relative behaviour is first… 🙂 ) and the bos were adamant that they wanted to play outside.  They played out for about 4 hours in the end, including playing with the dogs.  Obviously Pepsi was uninterested in playing given he is a miserable old hound, but Max was up for it.  The sun has been out all day, with temperatures actually touching 10 degrees Celsius believe it or not.

Accordingly it is going to get cold again tomorrow – let’s hope not, it has been lovely today and long may it continue.  Daddy was actually tempted to sit outside and work under the gazebo it was that warm 🙂

Oliver is not in these photos as he went to the Kirklees Light Railway in Clayton West with mummy, Paula and Cayton.  Cayton has got slightly better today (hence they went out) but is clearly still under the weather, the poor little monkey.  Hopefully he will steam out of the illness and get well real soon.




Get well soon Cayton

We hope you are feeling better really soon buddy.

The boys did not go out to the Middleton Railway today as previously advertised as young Cayton did not come round today with Paula as he was feeling under the weather. To the point that. He actually requested to go back to bed – given that he was supposed to be heading to the railway with our boys, he must have been feeling v unwell 🙁

So, our guys hung out at home all morning and then head over to Tyler’s for a few hours this afternoon. They managed to pull off a late night tonight as they were not in bed until nearly 8:30pm so hopefully they will both sleep right through until after 8am tomorrow morning 🙂

Tomorrow was planned to head over to the Kirklees Light Railway in Clayton West with Cayton and Paula – fingers crossed the little guy is feeling better tomorrow 🙂

Sundown Adventureland day

We head out EARLY to get to Sundown Adventureland for opening time : 10am.

We were tooled up with a picnic that mummy and daddy had collected from the Ossett Co-Op last night and mummy put together this morning before getting a shower.

We met Lee, Caroline and Jessica (Jessica from Elliot’s class in school) at the door and head in. It has been beautiful blue skies all day with a nice warming sun and thankfully little in the way of winds to chill everything down. While it was still pretty cold (less than 7 Celsius) we all had a wonderful time, basking in the sunshine, enjoying the park to the max. We were the first in and pretty much the last to leave after 4pm…


Today has definitely been the nicest weather day of the year so far as well as one of the most fun.

We stopped (the Rusts) off for Sunday dinner on the way home to minimise the stuff that needed doing when we got home (bath etc)

We are all exhausted after a full day outside wandering around the park. Daddy nearly fell asleep in the second indoor play centre at 3:15pm !!

BIG sleeps coming up tonight…

School holidays start NOW. Mummy, Elliot and Oliver are going out with Paula and Cayton tomorrow – to the Middleton Railway – Olly and Cayton will have a ball 🙂