Oh shart !!!!

Elliot and Oliver have been ‘enjoying’ a pooping contest this morning – oh yes you guessed it, one of them dropped a shart….

And the winner was………….


…… Oliver 🙁

Has a lesson been learned this morning? sadly, I fear not…. 🙁

Nope – he did it again this afternoon 🙁

Pepsi unwell :-(

Last night, poor Pepsi found himself unable to walk properly as his back legs appeared to no longer be under his control. We left him overnight to see if it righted itself while we all slept. Sadly this did not happen, and he was still unable to get around properly and was slipping around pretty much everywhere he tried. He was still able to make his way to the breakfast bowl of course.

We got an appointment and took him to the vets just before lunch – Margaret took a look at him and decided that they needed X-rays to be able to tell anything else, but suggested that we needed to consider the worst given that he is almost 12 years old and a back problem tends to be some what debilitating.

Gordon did the X-rays and we went back at 4:30pm for the news, good or bad. Pepsi was es pleased to see us and as alert as ever – if not more alert than usual. It turns out that he has not slipped a disc and his vertebrae are all good. There are two of the discs in his upper back that are quite eroded / damaged that Gordon believes is diseased. There is little that can be done for him but he is not in pain so Gordon would like for Pepsi to get complete bed rest over the weekend to see if there is any change / improvement by Monday. We are to up his existing tablets to two a day (from one) as this will no doubt help ease any pain that Pepsi is feeling.

We have got the old kids play pen out and have set this up in the lounge with a water bowl and dog bed for Pepsi – thus he is not able to get up and wander around but is still in the room with us – we thought that he would prefer this than be out in the hallway on his own. plus, he can escape out to the garden via the decking when he needs to use the facilities 🙂

Fingers crossed that he recovers a little over the weekend so that he can continue with a reasonable (or better) standard of life for the remainder of said life…. 🙂

Olly at the Paediatrician

Today was Olly’s second visits to Mr Jones with reference to his fevers. Typically, he has only had two fevers since the last visit three months ago, and neither of them were full power fevers. We are beginning to think that he is growing out of them….Hopeful thinking maybe…

Mr Jones advised us that the blood tests that they ran from the blood that they took following the last appointment showed that all the white blood cells were back in the right place, although there was still a test showing inflammatory markers. Consequently, he asked for more blood to be taken today for further testing of this – to check that these markers were now gone from his blood. So, we had to struggle with Olly to get a vial of blood from him again today – he was not pleased with this proposal when he realised what it was that we were doing 🙁

We will get an appointment in 4 months and his HIB immunisation levels are not high enough, so we will get an appointment request from our GP to head in for a further immunisation.

Afternoon at Cannon Hall Farm

We spent this afternoon at Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorks – once again we braced the weather and we got away with it 🙂  We had a lovely lunch in their little cafe and then played on the kids climbing equipment.

Then, incredibly, the boys who have shown NO interest in animals recently ran around trying to show us the animals – they had a great time.

We can also report that Oliver is as good as potty trained – he has not had an accident in as many days and is now pretty regularly taking himself off to the potty 🙂

YAY !!!

Fantastic afternoon at Sundown Adventureland

We decided to head out to the Sundown Adventureland yesterday morning, so we got the boys some fast food from their favourite golden arches outlet and set off. They ate in the car to maximise time 🙂

We arrived at around 13:30 so had about 4 hours at our disposal.

The weather was just right for the trip as it was lovely and warm with no rain – that’s right, we managed to avoid the rain for a day!!!!

The boys had a fantastic time playing in the various huge sandpits and enjoying the rides that they had. The only disappointment on the day was that the new part of the park (Angry Birds) was not yet complete although we did not know of its existence at all until we arrived. a great excuse to go back later in the year maybe 🙂

The indoor play centre that they were building on our last trip there was complete so the boys played for 30 minutes in there – a nice jungle and monkey theme makes for a fun setup, and the mega slides were a real hit for the boys.

Surprisingly the river tub ride was a real hit – surprising because there are multiple places where we all got squirted with water – they both loved it – Olly wanted a second go although by the time we got round for a second go, they were closing for the day 🙁

We are planning more such trips out with the boys over the summer and we must remember to post a postcard to school each time – we forgot on our first outing 🙁

Next stop…. ThomasLand at the Drayton manor Park on Tuesday next week – have actually saved over 50UKP by booking one week in advance online….