The rain has arrived :-)

Last night the heavens opened and an almighty downpour ensued. It was actually pretty quick to dry up on the driveway etc, but then rained again throughout the night – great as the grass seeds may get additional help to grow now πŸ™‚

Simon got off to Sherwood Pines today with Tim for the first time in nearly six months – was a great run although Barbara threw him off about half way around and knocked the wind clean out of him. No damage to Barbara but he has a couple of grazes etc. Unlucky…

Typical that the weather has changed just before he half term break – guess we may not be doing quite as many outdoor activities next week as we had hoped for.

Vicky and Simon went into school last night to see what the plans are for the end of term Filey Trip. There are quite a few other parents also going along so Simon managed to get himself a seat on the bus (previously we had only requested a seat for Vicky). Let’s hope for a non rainy day as it would really suck if it rained :-(. There are two coaches going with children, teachers and some parents from foundation through to year 2. Should be real fun:-)

School trips to Silcoates and Sunny Hill

The boys have been on separate school trips up to their new schools from September to have a look around etc.

Elliot went to Silcoates on Monday and met his new buddy called jake – a boy from year 6. we think he was expecting somebody significantly older as he said that Jake was only a small boy πŸ™‚ He really seemed to enjoy it as he was telling us about their swimming pool that was inside and that they got to choose their own lunch πŸ™‚ Hopefully this is setting the foundations for his enjoying the school from September – he has two more visits in the coming month or so to familiarise himself with the place etc.

Olly went with 5 of his classmates to Sunny Hill to visit their nursery and meet the new teachers. one of his favourite teachers called Lauren went with them as she is accordingly going to go to the school next year also. He also seemed to enjoy himself although in many ways he would probably enjoy it regardless πŸ™‚

It will be kind of strange for the boys when they go to their new schools next year as they will no longer see each other during the day and even when Oliver is at the Junior school, he will be somewhat segregated from Elliot so will most likely not see much of him there either. That said, we think they only really see each other at lunchtime at St Hilda’s in any case, and this will continue at Junior school in that they will use the same lunch hall πŸ™‚

We have a parents meeting at school tonight to discuss e plans for the upcoming Filey trip – Vicky is already planned in to go with them all, so Simon is hoping to get in on the action too as it seems that there are a lot of other parents going on the trip.

Sensational weekend…

WOW – what a weekend – 27+ degrees BOTH days and not a single cloud to be seen over the whole weekend πŸ™‚

We therefore spent the whole weekend in the garden, ensuring that we maximised the time that we had with the sun.

Tyler stayed over on Friday night and while they (Elliot and Tyler) did not go to sleep until well after 10:30pm, they were both wide awake and dressed at 5am (Elliot usually takes around 30 minutes to come around so… πŸ™ ). Β We had the paddling pool out for Pepsi and Max although by mid-afternoon, they were not getting a look in – Elliot, Oliver and Tyler took over the running of the pool πŸ™‚

Water load of fun :-)

It seem that Tyler and Elliot were singing and dancing during this shot πŸ™‚

The BBQ was cranked on and we had a fab evening meal with Clare, Frank and all the kids.

Simon has also planted the grass seed in the areas that need grass to grow and filled in some top soil, so hopefully we will see fuller grassed areas in the coming weeks πŸ™‚ Β We also managed to cut the hedge along the rear of the garden and will finish it during the week once the old clippings have been taken away on Tuesday morning.

We have two more days of nice weather ahead of us this weekΒ apparentlyΒ and then the rain comes on Wednesday and the temperature drops back down to 12-15 degrees Celcius.

Enjoy it while you can πŸ™‚


Wonderful outdoor weather lately

We have basked in beautiful sunshine for more days that I can recall this week :-). So much so that we have been out with the mountain bikes to Newmillerdam and out this morning for a gentle run around Pugneys Country Park. Both days were simply sensational sunshine with no clouds in the sky, although on. The bike trip, poor mummy did come a cropper :-(. On a small upward hill she managed to find herself in the wrong gear, tried to dismount quickly to avoid pain and failed to actually get off gracefully – thus ended up on her ass in a huge area of nettles. Kind of ruined the ride for her sadly – she is still nursing pain from it today and I suspect will not be forgetting to be in the right gear in the future πŸ™‚

Overall, the ride around Newmillerdam was probably around 10 to 12km and reminded us that we have these wonderful bikes I bathe garage that need using and enjoying to the max – we must get out more.

Today was a little gentler with a power walk turning into a run around to the perimeter of the Pugneys Country Park in Wakefield – probably just over a mile and was perfect for mummy’s training. Olly came along in the sports stroller and he and daddy went running πŸ™‚ The stroller is actually very good as a runner as it is really easy to propel and most importantly steer with just one hand while running. this one is now another activity that we should do much more of. Suspect this one will be way more determined by the weather however.

The sunshine looks to be set in for the weekend, so we need to get some garden activities in this weekend – perhaps a spot of gardening might be on…. :-s

The downside to such weather??? It reminds us massively of what we are missing in Northern California and hence makes us miss it big time… πŸ™ Can’t win…

Sleep over at Grannie Rusts :-)

The boys packed their backpacks yesterday and we took them over to Halifax – they were off on their second sleep over. Β They were pretty excited as they knew that there was going to be lots of garden digging etc fun to be had. They were apparently not let down with mucho gardening etc in Nards back yard πŸ™‚ They were able to check in on the status of the seeds that they planted out a few weeks ago – guessing that they will be wanting to return in the coming weeks to see how things are progressing πŸ™‚

They slept at Nards and Olly said “Grandma Cuckoo, I like it at Nard’s house but I prefer your house, because there is no bath at yours so I don’t have to have a bath” – cheeky monkey πŸ™‚

Mummy and daddy on the other hand were coming back to Ossett as we were heading out for dinner at the Hepworth with Kerrie and Spencer. Β We enjoyed a great meal at the restaurant with wine a flowing and to SImon’s dismay – there was NO Sambuca available after coffee πŸ™ So, it was over to Tequila πŸ™ Simon’s not so sure of tequila as a suitable Sambuca replacement …. However, he did have 4 of the buggers so maybe they not THAT bad πŸ™‚

Car Detailing – new job?

So, while Simon has been searching for work, he has found an activity that he can spend more cash on – car detailing.Β  He won’t bore you to death with the details but suffice to say that Tina now has the cleanest and silkiest paintwork that she probably has done ever, and the amount of gear that is piling up in the garage is pretty significant.Β  Today, he has been cleaning up her exhaust tips while Olly played in the garden with bubble mixture and Elly and mummy were away on a school trip – to Hesketh Farm Park in Skipton.

We are sat awaiting their return so no doubt there will be lots to learn about their day very soon πŸ™‚

Also, the tumble drier broke on Monday so we are awaiting the delivery of the replacement – the delivery company said they would deliver between 14:50 and 16:20 today, and it is now 16:10….. 10 minutes guys….

*UPDATE* Just received a call (16:15) from the delivery driver – they have had a breakdown and are on their way BUT are about 50 minutes away due to the breakdown – not bad service to give us a call and let us know – good on them πŸ™‚

Mummy away for weekend…

Yes, that is right, mummy has gone to London for the weekend with Auntie Kerrie and Auntie Yvonne.

So, a boys weekend in it is πŸ™‚

This morning we played with our toys for a while and then went to Grandma’s for a swim and a spot of lunch. Elliot is in need of more swimming practice and he will soon be able to do away with the arm bands, and Olly – well Olly just has no fear. We popped Olly in his new swim apparel – basically a float across his chest attached to two floating armbands – it is really good and keeps him perfectly afloat, while allowing him to “swim” more naturally. For two boys who apparently did not want to go swimming, they had a great time and Daddy is looking forward to the sleep that it affords him later tonight… πŸ™‚

After a nice lunch, we head down to Toys R Us to spend a little birthday cash and a little cash for certain buy guy who has proven that he does not need pul-ups overnight anymore – 7 consecutive nights of proof enabled a small purchase in the boys’ favourite store πŸ™‚

Daddy spent, no invested (:-) ) a few hours this afternoon in claying, polishing, paint protecting and then waxing Tina πŸ™‚ The Blackfire range claims to deliver a shine that looks like it is dripping wet. Well, a couple of things;

  1. t does not look wet to Simon BUT it absolutely FEELS wet
  2. The above makes Simon feel wet :-s ‘Nuff said…

The shine that she has is outstanding – Simon now does not feel any desire to drive her to get her dirty….

BBQ tonight – the first one of the year / season – yay!!!