Happy Birthday Tyler

We all hope you have a wonderful 5th birthday big guy.  We are sorry that we can’t share it with you.

Today, Simon took his new IWC back to the shop for the rattle that has begun to occur within it, to be repaired.  The folks in the store were definitely not sure that there is a problem, but have sent it back to be checked all the same. Apparently this is going to take between 6 and 8 weeks 🙁

Vicky has taken one of her diamond rings in to have one of the diamonds reset (it fell out when she dropped it in the UK).  It will take a few days to fix up also 🙁

Tim has been checking out mountain bikes today – just hoping he makes a decision swiftly as the longer it takes, the more likely it is that Simon will feel the need to purchase…..

Back in the bay :-)

Great couple of weeks with the family in the UK, but we are now back in the bay.

2 mega birthdays – Rebecca’s 16th and Sue’s 21st.

The flight back today was really hard work – Oliver was not happy for over two hours of the journey 🙁 He finally fell asleep in daddy’s arms 40 minutes before we landed, then Elly fell asleep as the landing gear was falling out of the plane….  Ended up with 2 mega grumpy boys to get through a horrifically LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGG security queue.  Thankully one of the security people spotted us and ushered us to the front of the queue.

So, one pap johns pizza, a couple of beers and we are all heading to bed – it is 21:33.

Simon is hoping to get a good nights sleep as he is up at 05:45 to get into work tomorrow…. Wish him luck….

ForkHall UK is almost ready for uncle Tim to move in

We got back in the UK yesterday but due to traffic on the motorways we did not get back to Yorkshire until after 8pm.  We stopped by ForkHall to take a look through the windows – all looked good from what we could see (was almost dark).

We spent a large amount of today back in the house, and the deckit man has done a great job and the house actually feels almost brand new inside.  There is still a lot to do however – we have taken much of the kitchen stuff out of the shed and begun to get them cleaned in readiness for uncle Tim.  We have also got much of the garage stuff out and placed in the garage again.

Tim is bringing his bed, gardening gear (we don’t have mowers etc) and we nipped out tonight and bought a new suite for the lounge.  We hope Tim likes it, although are pretty sure he will – the bonus is that it is getting delivered next week, so when he gets back from California, he will have bed, couch, TV and therefore will be good to go.

Elly and Olly have LOVED playing in the garden today – just goes to show that we really need to search for a pad in CA that has a garden – even if we don’t end up buying out there, we really need to move from the current pad in September.

p.s. Elliot did great on the flight back here, and Olly did OK. We tried to upgrade the seats before we got on but no such luck 🙁 Perhaps on the way back to CA….

Couple of hours on the beach at Santa Cruz

The weather was not quite as nice as we anticipated it would be today, but nonetheless we still headed South to the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz – we spent a little over two hours on the beach to the South of the harbor (the very harbor that got slightly battered a couple of weeks ago as the backlash of the tsunami hit the US coast.  Of course daddy managed to get his back burnt – isn’t that standard protocol for daddy on the beach at Santa Cruz? 🙂

The boys had a great time with Oliver having sand everywhere… Poor little monkey – he then slept for a couple of hours on the wya home and then when we got home.  Of course the downside is that it is now 10:23pm and he has been awake for the last 30 minutes and is showing no signs of being ready for bed….. Guess who is going to be a visitor in mummy and daddy’s bed tonight then….

We head back to the UK on Thursday and have got a lot of stuff to do with the house in Ossett in readying it for Tim to move in next week.  The decket man is heading in on Monday and should have completed the whole house by Saturday (when we actually get there after arriving in London on Friday afternoon).

We need to figure out what the state of the kitchen is and hence whther we need to just acquire a couple more new doors for the cabinets or consider a full kitchen replacement…..  Oh the joy..

Finally, an appointment slot that will work

After lots of tooing and froing with appointment slots and availability of 2 therapists we manage to get Elliot a slot to have a dual screening for OT and SLT at the beginning of April right before our trip back to the UK.  We are given a huge amount of information to read through and consent forms to agree to pay for treatment up front as the therapists do not work with the insurance companies.  The therapy is going to cost just short of $35 for each 15 minute interval I hope that the insurance company will fund it or some of it.

So the big day arrives for Elliots screening I have spent the last few days telling Elliot that we are going to meet some new poeple and see what fun toys they have and what fun games we may be able to play with them.  We set off for the screening and I try to stay up beat for Elliot as I don’t want him to be concerned.  Deep down I am concerned that our fears are going to be recognised and we can’t pretend there isn’t anything wrong with him other than him being a little quirky and shy.  Fingers crossed here we go…..

The session starts with the OT.  Elliot is very quiet and really doesn’t want to answer any questions, he is struggling to make eye contact with the therapist and generally feeling pretty uncomfortable.  He is asked a few questions and really struggles to answer.  My hopes that he is just a shy boy are fading fast as you can see the discomfort he is in just being asked a few pretty standard questions.  The therapist continues and tries to engage play with him which is pretty hard.  I am asked a few questions about Elliot in general about his gross and fine motor skills.  I thought he was developing normally and was just a bit clumsy, maybe there is a little more to this.  So I ask the therapist a question that i am pretty sure of the answer to….”Is Elliot just exhibiting behaviour that a very shy child does and are his delays related to his shyness?” I hopefully wait for the answer of “Yes” but know deep down what is coming.  I am told that there is something a little more complex at play here.  Big sigh…….After a few more questions for me and some exercises with Elliot we are given some profiles to complete for Elliot to give the therapists a better ide of Elliot and how he is functioning.  We are then taken to another room for SL screening.  We are greeted by a lovely, warm and friendly lady.  I have spoken to her many times on the phone, lining up the appointment for Elliot and discussing with her why I felt Elliot needed assessing.  I am completely at ease because she is going to tell me that I am of course correct,  Elliot’s speech is absolutely age appropriate and that the school just don’t hear him talk too much and have over reacted a little.  The therapist is asking Elliot questions and is struggling to understand him.  I am struggling not to answer for him as I fully understand him.  The therapist realises that I understand him completely and asks more questions and does more exercises.   The pennies slowly start to drop, he does indeed have a speech and language issue. As the session draws to an end Elliot is relatively unaware of what is happening.  The sessions are conducted in a playful environment so the children are most comfortable.  I decide to bite the bullet and ask the therapist “The question”.  Is Elliot’s condition Aspergers syndrome?  She nods and I struggle to fight back the tears although it has been in the back of my mind for so long there is always part of you that hopes that you are imagining it and that he is just painfully shy.  Oddly enough the therapist also had tears in her eyes I guess this and my gut instinct is why I like this place everyone seems to really want to help.

Ok so now we have an idea what we are dealing with and have some codes for the therapy Elliot needs it is time to get on to the insurance company.  PTS surprisingly enough are really expensive.  As we are going to need 2 lots of therapy a week between 30-45 mins, each 15mins cost nearly $35  the bills are soon going to mount up.  Armed with the information from PTS and a idea of the dialogue I need to use this going to be easy right?  Wrong!!!! I ring the insurance company and they tell me we are not covered by the codes for the therapy.  Ok so what do we do now?  We are due to fly to England in a few days for Easter so I guess we need to have a think about our options and find out what to do next

Not a lot to report re the TSSV sessions as we are in the UK for most April.  Here is the update for the session at the beginning of April.

Elliot: (Will be gone April 11, 18, 25) Session 4

  • Cheers: very engaged with balls and hoop game – needed some prompting to pick up the 2 balls and stay in line next to friends – prefers to keep a distance from his peers – watches the group, needs confidence to join in. Once he watches for a while, he joins with a prompt. He needs to watch first, then do the activity. Big smiles when throwing the balls through the hoop. With prompt, told friends about his upcoming trip to the UK, and visit Grandma and “blow out candles” for her birthday. Also told about his 2 “Cars” cars and showed his friends.
  • Challenge: maintaining group peer play, speaking to peers


The Diamonds finally arrived :-)

It feels like months have passed since we ordered Vicky’s new diamond ring, and we have been chasing the company for weeks now.  Finally on Tuesday they had arrived so Simon picked them up on the way home from the office.  They are simply stunning and look incredible alongside Vicky’s existing rings.  On top of this the upgraded ring (that she already had) looks outstanding – we bought a further carat and a half to up the main diamond to a full carat and then to have two half carats either side.  Then the existing two 1/3 carat diamonds have been made into a new pair of earrings.

Today, we were out shopping (well actually heading out for lunch on Santana Row) and when we got back in the car, we realized that Simon’s mobile phone was not with us.  We called it but there was no answer, so we used the app on Vicky’s phone “find my iPhone” to track Simon’s phone.  We actually followed the phone to find that it was in the Apple store in the mall – some girls had picked it up and taken it to the store in the hope that Apple would be able to return it to its’ owner.  Clearly we are very thankful and a little annoyed that we were not able to thank the people in person.

Tonight we have been out house hunting around the area – just to try to figure out IF we were to consider buying property where we would like it to potentially be.

Hopefully tomorrow we will head to the beach – apparently the weather should be good for it.  We have had two days this week that have been 30+ Celsius and are anticipating another of those days tomorrow….

Bundt cakes for tea !!!!! 🙂