Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Our first ever official Thanksgiving Holiday, and we are lounging around at home doing nothing but Christmas movies and a little light baking – gingerbread men and bread.

We are actually going to our first ever Thanksgiving meal shortly so are really looking forward to the experience 🙂

Vicky has put the Christmas decorations up since apparently it is acceptable given that the Thanksgiving week is the signal of acceptance…. 🙂

We have three trees up, one in the lounge, one in the family room and Elly has one in his bedroom 🙂

It has got quite cold here as well in that we have needed to switch on the heating in the house this last 3 or 4 mornings.  It definitely has been getting close to 0 degrees C in the nights, although does raise up to 14 or 15 C during the days thankfully.

Grandma and Granddad are here and we have holidays ahead

We collected Grandma and Granddad from the airport yesterday afternoon, and had a nice dinner out at Outback Steakhouse last night 🙂

Typically, we have had wonderful sunshine for the two weeks that Kerrie was with us, and now that Grandma and Granddad have arrived, the temperatures has dropped from 26 degrees to 15 degrees and it has rained heavily 🙁

Daddy has the week off next week, so we are hoping for lots of relaxation and holiday stuff 🙂

Christmas is coming…

Last night we went to Santana Row to watch the Christmas lights in the area being switched on 🙂

Seems really early but apparently the week before thanksgiving is the tradition for this place.

Lots of music, dancing and excitement.

Typically Elly was happy just sat in the pushchair with an iPhone and Olly just wanted to be on his feet and in the crowd 🙂

Heat wave…

Believe it or not, it has been nearly 30degrees Celsius today….

Apparently, it is going to be this way for three more days this week, before cooling off to under 20 degrees just in time for Grandma and Granddad arriving on Friday. Typical 🙁

Looking forward to a week off and to experiencing our very first Thanksgiving 🙂

Christmas stuff has arrived in the shops…

The weeks are rapidly passing us by, however, finally the Christmas stuff has appeared in the shops.  We were out today on Santana Row, and noted that the Christmas Trees and other festive lights etc appear to be up in the streets outside the shops.  Even some of the shops are sporting Christmas attire 🙂

We went up to Muir Woods yesterday (north of the Golden gate bridge) to see the redwood trees – apparently some are 3000 years old.  In fairness it was a nice walk through the trees since the paths were either tarmac OR fully decked out to make the whole experience just easy. There was pain in parking the car – we had to park about 1.5 miles away and walk to the center, but it was a nice day, so no drama.

Simon has one more week of work and then has a week off – yay !  AND Grandma and Granddad are coming to stay for a couple of weeks.

Daddy was away in New York all week last week, so it is nice to be back and looking forward to a week holiday.

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day…

You  guessed it – it is raining today 🙁

Kerry has come back for another two weeks holiday / stress with the Rusts 🙂  Mummy and Kerrie have ventured out to the shops leaving the boys behind to play in the house – yay !  We are under reasonably strict (and fair) orders to NOT go to the toy shop today.

Simon is heading to New York later for 5 days so we are making the most of the day today.

The clocks finally went back here in the US so we are all back to 8 hours behind the UK folks (we were 7 hours for the last week since the UK clocks went back on the 31st October.

We all travelled down to Monterey Bay yesterday (south of Santa Cruz on the coast) to visit the Aquarium – nearly everybody we have spoken to has told us it is a great place to go.  We are not quite as positive as all – while it was nice, it was definitely pumped up to be much more that we saw yesterday – but then the day out was nice all the same 🙂

All the street corners that were Pumpkin Patches last week are in the midst of transformation to be Christmas corners 🙂  Quite incredible how quickly some of them are moving on ….