Simon is back in CA

Simon spent some time this morning in New York pacing the streets and then flew back to SFO this evening. His bag was first off the conveyor, the bus was right there to take him to the car park and the car was easy to find, fired up straight away and the traffic home was effortless – mega result !! 🙂

While in NYC, there was a film crew on 35th and Broadway that were actually shooting a movie as Simon walked by – never seen anything like that before – very cool.

The white house is exactly as we left it fortunately so Simon has walked into ease 🙂

There was a letterbox full of crap though 🙁

Tomorrow, Simon is probably going to go out cycling for a big portion of the day, and then Monday is all about opening up the new office in San Jose.

Elliot went to see Toy Story 3 with Tyler during last week and really enjoyed it so we might just go ad see it in 3D next week or the week after 🙂

Backto the grind :-(

Simon flew back to the US yesterday, and is staying in New York City for the next 5 days – the annual kick off event for the US business is on Thursday, and there are various customer and partner meetings wrapped around it.  Simon will be back in the bay area on Saturday 31st ready to move the office to San Jose – almost 12 miles from home – result 🙂 Going to be a great commute each day for Simon from Monday onwards 🙂

Vicky and the boys are still in the UK enjoying a couple more weeks with the family, before heading back to California in 2 weeks or so.

Nice day with the Rust family today…

A great day today here we have seen all the Rust family in one day – a feat that has not occurred since Michael and Angela’s wedding a couple of years ago.

Olly wore himself out so much in crawling around his Grandma’s garden that we only got to the end of the road as we left and he was already asleep !!!!

Timmy has taken great care of Pepsi and Max – they are in great shape – OK so the kennel cough is heading out, but otherwise they are doing great.

We are hoping to have a swim in the morning and then a BBQ in the afternoon – then Simon is needing to prepare for his trip to New York, while Vicky and the boys are staying on in Ossett for a couple more weeks.

The Hawaii countdown remains – we will be there enjoying life in just 18 days:-)

Sleep required

Olly is NOT getting used to the timezone 🙁  So far he has been up each night since we returned from 12 to 3 or 4 am 🙁

Elliot has been as good as gold and pretty much got timezoned in straight away.

Daddy has been away for a couple of nights staying by the office so he’s been alright, jack ! 🙁

It has also not stopped raining since we returned – we are somewhat looking forward to the sunshine back in CA – oh yes, and the Hawaiian vacation….

Back in the UK…

Two very looooonnnnnnngggg flights, and we are now back in the UK for a little while.  Simon is here for just under 10 days and Vicky and the boys for three weeks.

We are tired since Olly did not wish to sleep at all, thus keeping us all awake and Elly was just too excited to sleep.

We plan to stay awake as long as we can today to fight through so that we hope to sleep well tonight and then wake up tomorrow in the right timezone and be fixed 🙂 Good plan, but not so sure of the sucess ….

Heading to UK tomorrow…

We have reached the end of the first 3 months of our stay here in the Bay area. Tomorrow we head to the airport @ 6am and will fly from SFO to New York, and then change planes and head to Manchester overnight, arriving in Manchester @ 8am on Saturday morning.

Elliot is mega excited- so much that we think he thinks he is going back and not coming back out here – today he asked when the ship was coming to get his toys…. 🙁 Oh dear, we are gonna have some fun in three weeks or so….

We have bought an 8ft by 5ft map of the world and put it on the wall in the kids play area in the house.  We have begun showing Elliot where the white house is, where Grandmas live and where Mia lives.  He is actually picking it up quickly and has only tonight been asking where the plane goes tomorrow when we head back home 🙂

Simon has moved all of his gear out of the office in Palo Alto since we have now moved (or will have when he gets back) into a new place in San Jose.  The great news is that this office is just 12 miles from home – the Palo Alto place was / is 24 miles.  NICE 🙂

We are now just 24days or so until our break in Hawaii – typically a travel agent that we walked in to see in Los Gatos got back to us (3 days later than she promised and hence 2 days after we booked the holiday) and the price that she had to offer was very impressive – so much so that maybe we will make use of her for our next trip….

Holiday FINALLY booked – we are going to Hawaii :-)

It has taken a lot of to’ing and fro’ing, but we have finally decided to go to Waikiki Beach for our August vacation.  We have just 10 minutes ago booked 7 nights at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa that sits right on the edge of Waikiki beach.

We were debating (early on) San Diego or Las Vegas, but decided that Vegas would be too hot in August and San Diego would require a car and hence need us to drive around a lot.  SO, it ultimately came down to Waikiki OR Maui, and Maui gave us the impression of car requirements also.

So we shot for Waikiki – there were some good offers on with the Hilton, and so even though it is a MUCH bigger hotel than we would normally go for, we were able to upgrade the rooms significantly before it came to a cost near an alternative in the same area 🙂

We hope to get to Vegas in November, so we won’t be losing out 🙂

Poor mummy has been tres ill today, so we didn’t get out to Gilroy Gardens as we had planned unfortunately 🙁  Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow as daddy is heading out to New York tomorrow night.