The seed is sewn

Just where do those two think they are going?  They are clearly on a mission – just check out the purpose in their steps….

Elliot was overheard saying “lide” over and over again.  Ty was that excited he was simply jumping up and down all the way.

We watched “I am Legend” on Blue-ray last night – take it all back, is a pretty damned good film – shame the ending is crap though..

Home a little early…

We set off early today since it was raining and we have a conservatory to fill with gear 🙂

Got home at about 7:30pm so unfortunately (although not unexpectedly) it took a little over 3 hours to get from Windermere to home tonight 🙁

We now have the two sofas in and the TV on the wall (thanks for the help Greg) and we are now using the new room as intended.  Elliot loves it in a big way – especially his new “cool chair” (his own words, honestly) where he reads his books.  Will take some photos of it once everything is finished and post them up here.

Now we are onto the kitchen – we have ordered some new flooring so we will begin taking the skirting boards etc off ready for redecorating and then once the flooring down, they will go back down.

We also decided to move Elliot into a new bedroom so that he can have some more space and have some toys etc in there also – there are a LOT of damned toys in this house – we will need to “recycle” some soon – Vicky is going to start to monitor what he uses, then those that he doesn’t will be getting bagged and put in the roof space in the garage 🙂

Onkyo 706 and Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 (7.1) speakers have now been ordered so will complete the setup in the conservatory in a couple of weeks time – REALLY looking forward to the Transformers movie on Blu-ray disk……. awesome 🙂

Long weekend in the lakes :-)

We have arrived in the Lakes for a long weekend away – hurray 🙂

The window locks have been fitted to the conservatory today and so we are now all secure.  Vicky has moved in most of Elliot’s toys to find that surprise, surprise – we have not got enough storage for his crap, erm stuff…

Will get the TV installed next week and the speakers etc purchased, ready for deployment – awesome 7.1 surround system is on the way….

West Yorkshire Windows are dragging their feet :-(

We have had almost NO progress in the conservatory during the week, so the “possible” launch party will not be taking place as previously advertised 🙁

Simon invited the conservatory company up for a meeting at Fork Hall during the week, where they accepted that we are a couple of days from being done.  It was also agreed that we would not continue with the messing around sending a guy (Alan it turns out) for a couple of hours at a time – we would instead wait a few days and get a couple of FULL days.  We almost got it – we have a guy coming out on Tuesday next week for one whole day…..

We await with baited breath…

Conservatory = close, but not quite done

Well, the flooring is almost completed, although almost is NOT completed right?

Alan (the finisher) has stated that today was his last scheduled day on our job – not a great result given that there is at least one day more work to be done.

The alarm guy is coming tomorrow to fit the alarm side of things in, then the electrician on Wednesday to finalise the power side of things.  We are kind of hoping / expecting that the project manager will be sending somebody to actually finish the job as otherwise we are left with 98% of a job done and as usual it is the last 2% that makes the job right 🙁

The Conseratory is almost finished :-)

The walls are up, the glass in, the plastering done and now the painting of the internal walls complete.  There are a few finishing touches required such as heated floor mats and the laminate flooring.

The 3 seater and 2 seater are waiting to go in (in the garage currently) and some of Elliots’ new furniture is here also – storage solutions and table and chairs.

We should be 100% good to go by next weekend.

Simon is actually at home for a whole week this week 🙂