Happy Birthday Grandma

Well, Simon is home again, and the conservatory framework has gone up today – it looks awesome 🙂

The weather is still baking hot – would you believe thought that Simon spend the majority of last week in and around New York City, where the temperature was 35 to 40 degrees every day – it wasn’t until he came home, spent and afternoon in the garden and burnt his back 🙂 Idiot.

Apparently the frame and glass for the conservatory will be all in by the end of Wednesday – hence why Simon was out yesterday getting the audio cabling done for the surround sound system that he would like…..

Simon is in the US, AGAIN :-(

Writing this from Columbus, OHIO, waiting for a flight back to sunny New York city.

The flight is delayed (again) and the Wendy’s Baconator is a callin’ 🙂

Vicky has been conducting some research on some cool storage options for Elliot’s gear in the conservatory and has found some really smart stuff:

i.e. http://www.kidsrooms.co.uk/range.aspx?RG_ID=98 and http://www.gltc.co.uk/fcp/product/-/storage_tables_chairs_toy_boxes/Multi-Tray-Toy-Storage/846

More later – the plane has just arrived…

It’s a BIG expanse…

The footings are in…… the brickwork is almost complete and the concrete base etc is done.  These guys are fast and are incredibly tidy 🙂

We are expecting the sign off on the groundwork next Tuesday and then the actual conservatory frame building can commence.

It is incredibly big and amazingly we still have a very useable garden space left over 🙂

We are under starters orders….. and we’re off :-)

Vicky got a call this morning – the conservatory people asking if they could start work today… Great result.

So Simon has just spent 5 minutes over his lunchbreak watching two guys leering into the 7 series….  It was left out in full view on the driveway today – think it will be parked safely in the garage from this point onwards….

Not sure what these guys have actually done, but my guess is that it is to do with brick matching etc.

Another weekend done :-(

We have been down and sorted the flooring in the conservatory today – typically the one we wanted is no longer available, however, the new selection actually has some better ones – so winner for a change 🙂

Apparently the building of the conservatory should take less than 5 weeks so with a bit of luck we will be enjoying vast new space very soon.  The building folks should be contacting us next week to get the ball rolling, and the digging happening 🙂

Conservatory planning permission = GRANTED :-)


Finally, we are on – typically it has been rained tres heavily this afternoon – wouldn’t it be just typical if the builders arrive to build in the garden with heavy rain = trashed back garden and mud traipsed into the house 🙁

If we don’t hear from the conservatory builders, we will be visiting this weekend to get all other things (heating and electrical stuff + flooring) sorted out, and with a trailing wind we could actually be in place by Elliot’s 2nd birthday 🙂

It will certainly be nice to get the garage space back – Elliot currently using the garage as a play room with Brum, Thomas etc.

Simon’s trip is now off for next week so only one week away required 🙂

Can we have the conservatory then ?

Another weekend gone 🙁

Elliot seems to not wish to eat at meal times presently and would rather munch on “snacks” as he calls them at all other times during the day.

We are expecting to hear from the planning people next week regarding whether we will be allowed (or not) to build the conservatory on the back of Fork Hall.  Our fingers are crossed – Wednesday is D day.

Shopping trip on Saturday into Leeds City Centre, led us to almost purchase one new Tag Heuer watch, one Mont blanc Laptop case, and successfully led to a purchase of a Louis Vuitton bag and purse 🙂  In the middle of it all, the heavens opened and Vicky and Simon got soaked…. Elliot was nicely cocooned in his pushchair with the rain cover on – slept through it all too 🙂

Simon may be away for a couple of weeks from next weekend – heading back to New York in the second week 🙁