Motorway armchair :-)

9 hours in the 7 yesterday as we needed to go to London at short notice.  Dealt with the 4 large guys and 400+ miles very well – in fact very comfortably – not sure I would have wanted to be the poor guy sat behind Charlie mind – he was set up in relax mode – like a damned bed 🙂 Oh well, Pete’s a smaller guy than Martin so I guess he fared OK 🙂

We are house sitting at the moment in Greenlea so a nice swim was in order this morning before Simon went to work – could get used to that !!!!

Oh damn… sensational 7

In the words of Steph Niango – “Oh DAMN !!!!”

What a motor – fab drive, awesome electronics and typical BMW build quality.  Looks awesome in the garage next to the 5 🙂

Only just fits in the garage mind you – won’t be letting Vicky remove it – will possibly be a mirror or two down …..:-(

There is lots of fiddling to do to figure out how it all works – Vicky has already hidden the manual – apparently Simon needs to spend time with her and Elliot and not with his nose (as big as it is) in a car manual……..

Oh well, I’m sure there is a shopping trip coming…..

Elliot’s 1st steps

Elliot took his first solo steps today – 4 of the bad boys – he did it in front of Vicky while they were out visiting Julie and Abbie.

The insurance is all sorted, the cash in place, all we need now is a car without the marks on the rear doors and bumper – the fingers are crossed, the salesman doing what they do best – assuring us that there is nothing to worry about – let’s just hope he is a salesman unlike any other 🙂

More good news – Simon has a days of important meetings in the USA on the day BEFORE Elliot’s 1st birthday – Vicky was really pleased when Simon dropped the news last night. Simon is trying to change the date of the meeting to be either a week earlier or a week later but it is really not looking good 🙁

Collecting the 7 next Saturday

Nandos was interesting – great food and a handy waiter called Francesco 🙂

The 7 series is all on for next Saturday, so a family trip is about to be planned….

Simon called the dealer today to ensure that the bodywork that required attention is being tended to- to find that (apparently) the car is in the bodyshop today being sorted, tomorrow it will be cleaned properly inside and then Friday it is being treat to a full on wax and internal polish and shine 🙂 Currently we have no reasons to disbelieve the dealership – isn’t it a bad show that we are even considering that they will not come up with the goods 🙁

Simon is now checking out iPod integration, phone integration (since that damned UK Orange SIM will not work in it … grr) and all of the vital techy stuff that is obviously highly desirable.

Thanks to Jon for his suggestions ref the XBOX 360 – it may have helped in the persuasion area – even better if we can get it going in the 7 !!!!

The weather has totally taken an upward step today – awesome sunshine – just a shame that it at the back end of the summer time …..

BMW 730i Sport – on the way :-)

One of Simon’s colleagues, Sascha stayed over at the house for a couple of nights this week.  During this time to subject of cars came up and Sascha has persuaded Simon to re-investigate the subject of the new motor.

Consequently, a search took place followed by a couple of phone calls, a trip to a dealership near St James Park in Newcastle, and a deal struck.  The car – a rather nice BMW 730i Sport in black (same colour as the 5 series that we already have) with cream leather. This bad boy has a TV in it 🙂 The downside? oh, yes, Vicky’s little 120d M Sport has to go …. 🙁 Great little car that it is, struggles to support Vicky, Elliot, Clare, Tyler and Grandma – consequently it is really not that useful – as pretty as it is, it is just not cutting it.

So, there it is, decision made, pity we spent £600 two weeks ago popping 4 new tyres on the little car

Vicky now has to come to terms with the fact that her steed will either be a 5 series touring OR a 7 series…. tough call 🙂

Today we are heading to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Francesco, Sophie and Fabrizio for lunch – apparently we are aiming at Nandos – Simon has never been before and is really looking forward to it…… 🙂

Car hunting is off (for now)

Car hunting = off – the cost has scared Simon sufficiently 🙂

Find the photograph from last weekend in Windermere in the Apple Pie Shop – apparently Simon’s jokes are not that funny, and when Vicky pointed it out, this happened…

Oh, and then during the walk around Bridlington last weekend we came across this bad boy 🙂 LOL

Nice relaxing weekend THIS weekend as we have pretty much done nothing and therefore taken the opportunity to wind down from a stressful week…

From west to east :-)

The weather was terrible in the Lakes last weekend, so we packed up the car, collected Shane from the airport and drove home.  The sun was shining at home and the temperature almost at 30 degrees 🙂

So we had a BBQ and then on Sunday, headed east to the coast – we had a pretty good day pottering around Bridlington and then Scarborough in the late afternoon.  Fish and Chips in Bridlington were absolutely awesome 🙂

Simon has been out for three days so far this week and will be out again tomorrow night since all of his team are in the UK for the bi-annual technical conference.

The weekend may end up being a little car hunting exercise……. 🙂