First Weigh In

Elliot’s first weigh in today and he came in at 9lbs flat.  So he has lost just 5oz from his birth weight and is going for broke.

We collected the Wilson pram today and once the hood has been cleaned up properly and some bedding / blankets purchased, we will be in business.

Big sleep :-)

If we said 8 hours sleep, would you believe us? We had tea at Elliot’s Grandma’s last night and he created big time – he had two bottles of 3.5 oz within 2 hours of each other as well as boobie scoobies, and yet still felt it was fair to scream for a couple of hours.

In fairness we had begun to think that the little guy was constipated and that this was the problem in question.  Simon’s friends at work, who’s little boy Fabrizio has also been having both breast milk and the SMA Gold formula, got significant bouts of constipation from the SMA Gold.  Once he changed to alternative formula, the daily motions returned :-).

This was not the problem, a few little trumps and hey hey, we had nutella deployment in his shorts – Vicky was laughing uncontrollably until it was pointed out that it was her turn to change the nappy……..

Once a further feed was delivered, and 1 hour of whinging, we had a whole 8 continuous hours of sleep.  Truly amazing, and yes we are waiting for the opposite to occur – we know that it is overdue now.

Today was fun as we went to Meadow Hall in Sheffield for a quick shop and lunch out (a first on two counts for us – i.e. venturing out shopping properly AND lunch out to boot), so today Elliot had his first meal in Pizza Express.  No dramas and I’m sure that he was unaware of the feed let alone the location – he slept the whole day, or so it seemed.

Further great news – Simon’s pram is complete and we are going to collect it tomorrow night so the photos will hopefully be posted up here in a day or two.  We are also awaiting the photos of Simon in said pram from 32 years ago – that will making interesting reading now doubt.

Until then…….

Road Trip

First road trip today – granted was only to Sainsbury’s and to Staples for more photo printer paper and ink, but nonetheless was a road trip.

Unsurprisingly the little guy fell asleep before we had made it far beyond the entrance to the estate and seemed to fall into a deep coma type sleep.  To the point that we actually had to wake him a couple of hours later for his next feed.

Simon has finally figured out how to get the car seat in and secured in under 10 minutes and similar for the removal 🙂

We have now begun a little online visitors book with photos of all of his visitors.

Finally and most importantly, we are worried right now that he has slept for a lot of the daylight today, will we sleep tonight ???????

Meeting lots of people…

Elliot met his great grandparents yesterday afternoon, along with his grandma and Aunty Jenny again.  He slept for 4 solid hours during the day so great grandparents didn’t actually get to see him with his eyes open unfortunately.

I think is it safe to say that all were made up with the little guy.

Simon dealt with his first “up the back” type dirty nappy yesterday, and given he thought it would be a quick wet nappy he had no change mat ready and was showing off changing the nappy over his knee.  Guess what Simon won’t be doing again (no more showing off without a change mat) ………

We struggled with him again last evening with regards to settling him down, and think it may be down to his not having full meals, but snacking instead, and hence never really filling his tummy.  I guess this is the steep learning curve that all new parents must clamber up pretty darned quickly.

As a final note Vicky woke Elliot this morning by changing his nappy as she was worried that something was wrong with the little guy – he had been asleep since just past 1am – it was 8:10am !!!! 7 hours kip – awesome.

Looking forward to the next new day…..


Last night , Vicky and Elliot were evicted from the hospital so the long journey home commenced at approximately 7pm.  Our first night was a tough one as the little guy seems to not be getting enough scoobies from Vicky.  Almost everyone has suggested that this is because Vicky will only start producing the proper milk after day 3.  We have also been suffering from a fair amount of wind (and in this case, it is not Simon that is the manufacturer of said wind 🙂 ) and are dealing with this as best we can – we did manage 5 hours of sleep last night including 3.5 hours in one go believe it or not.

Frank brought an ace casting kit so that we can get a cast of Elliot’s hands and feet along with a photograph, so we are looking forward to getting this bad boy cracked open.

In the mean time, here is thefirst Rust family photo…

The mid-wife has been around today and seems happy that all is as it should be.

We hope to introduce Pepsi and Max to Elliot at the weekend so I guess this will be the next fun hurdle.

Elliot Jack is here !!

Today has been the most stressful day Vicky or I have ever encountered.  I think it is fair to say that we have experienced every single emotion possible all within a 24 hour period.  I suspect we won’t be planning such a day again in the near future.

It all started at 8pm on Sunday night with Vicky’s waters breaking (although this was not confirmed until 10pm by a midwife who did not believe Vicky!!) and then the fun began…….

No space on labour ward at the hospital so we had to stay where we were on the ante-natal ward until a space became available.  In the mean time we were having contractions for a minute an a half, 3 times in every ten minutes – i.e. we were right on cue. The deployment of Pethadine nicely solved this issue – 1 contraction every 20 minutes – put us back 4 hours 🙁

Long story cut short…….

Elliot Jack joined us @ 20:41 on the 18th September 2006 and is absolutely perfect.  OK ,so he has inherited Simon’s features a tad – perhaps not so perfect we hear you state :-). Simon just hopes the little guy has Vicky’s brains, and then he is set for life.

We will post photographs as soon as we get home and get them uploaded from cameras etc

Still waiting…

Wow, can this really go on like this???? We are now a full 14 days late, have had 6 Induction gel deployments (Prostin), and while poor Vicky is in incredible contraction pain for a couple of hours post prostin, we are still only 1cm dilated and not close enough to progress into delivery.  Apparently Elliot’s head is now not close enough to the cervix and so is not having the same effect on the internal side to the cervix that the induction gel is doing on the outside.  The midwives seem convinced of the fact that we are just around the corner but we get the feeling that it has been a long time since someone has required 6 prostin deployments to kick start labour.

More as it happens……